10 Best Places to Get Your Bariatric Surgery Done in the US ...

This blog posting is particularly for those that live or plan on visiting the United States of America in or are to get their bariatric surgery. If bariatric surgery has been on your mind, then below, I am going to give you some clinics. Feel free to call these clinics and ask your questions.

10. East Coast Bariatrics at Halifax Health

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This is a clinic that can perform your treatment with minimal trauma and fewer risks. They have a team of professionals waiting for you.

9. Dr. Carson Liu

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Weight loss can be frustrating and this clinic realizes just that. In fact, right on their website, you have the option to ask them questions. Dr. Carson Liu is a trained professional who can help you out.

8. Florida Bariatric

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At Florida Bariatric, you are going to learn everything you need to know about your bariatric surgery. Many have put their body in their hands and have walked out the doors with a smile and less weight!

7. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

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What better place to get this procedure done than in Beverly Hills? Whatever look you desire, they can help you achieve it! That is there lovely motto…


6. Iowa City Plastic Surgery

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In this facility, you will definitely leave with a smile as top of the line professionals will be working on you. Did I say top of the line? I mean world class!

5. HGG Medical

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If you want to go to the best, then HGG Medical is amongst one of the best out there. These are professionals that many trust. They are a world class medical staff that has a lot of experience under their belt.

4. Augusta Surgery

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They specialize in many different things, including Bariatric Surgery. A friend of mind actually had some work done in this clinic and she did not have any side effects.

3. Atlantic Obesity Answers

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The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery recognizes this clinic as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. If you do not believe me, you can look on their website.

2. Surgical Weight Management

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Each year, many Americans die of complications that being overweight causes. This surgical management team can help you out by giving you effective bariatric surgery.

1. Barix Clinics

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If you’re looking for bariatric surgery, then I recommend you taking a look at this website and looking through it to see if they seem like a clinic you would like to visit. I had a friend that personally had some work done and he did not have any problems. The atmosphere was nice, friendly and very comforting.

When getting bariatric surgery, I understand that many of you may be looking for a clinic in your area, but sometimes, the best is worth traveling to. I have listed clinic that I know about and have not heard complaints on. Do you have any clinic you would like to suggest? Is there a clinic in a certain area you are searching for? Feel free to ask…

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