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10 Cool Attractions in Florida ...

By Melanie

I live in Florida, about 2 hours from Orlando and must say that there is a lot of fun attractions! I do not live far from the beaches, so of course, I would say the beach is a cool attraction. If you are thinking about coming to Florida soon, then I have 10 cool attractions in Florida you should go to…

10 Discovery Cove in Orlando

Discovery Cove in OrlandoPhoto Credit: Travelling Pooh

Discovery Cove is amazing. It is a tropical oasis that provides a lot of beauty. The park is great. It’s a good wildlife park that is full of adventure. If you are doing the dolphin swim with your group, then I know that you are going to have a lot of fun!

9 Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando

Typhoon Lagoon in OrlandoPhoto Credit: PrincessAshley

This is another fun attraction that is in Orlando. This is a tropical beach setting. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a real typhoon that created it. It was created by a fictional typhoon. If you love to go in big surf wave pools and gentle slides, then you will enjoy this. You can also have a great snorkeling experience with sharks! Don’t worry, you’re safe.

8 Danger Charters in Key West

Danger Charters in Key WestPhoto Credit: Zlatko Unger

If you are going to Key West, then Danger Charters would be a nice attraction to go to. You will be able to go on a sailboat with around fourteen people. You will snorkel and kayak around the mangroves. While you are kayaking, you never know what you are going to see.

7 Daytona Beach

Daytona BeachPhoto Credit: oliver!

I can’t leave this one out! I don’t live far away from Daytona Beach, so it’s easy for me to go to. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a great place to go if you enjoy the ocean. There are miles and miles of a lovely beach. You can choose from beaches that do not allow vehicles on the beach or you can go for a car friendly one. Eleven out of the twenty three miles are vehicle free.

6 St. Augustine Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Alligator FarmPhoto Credit: Steve Beger Photography ( Productions)

Wow, I always thought this was great! St. Augustine is right down the road from Daytona. When I go to Daytona, I pass through St. Augustine. The St. Augustine Alligator Farm is great. This will offer you an amazing experience. It doesn’t just show alligators, it shows other amazing reptiles too.

5 Ride-the-Wind in Miami

Ride-the-Wind in MiamiPhoto Credit: fingermouse

Ride-the-Wild in Miami! This will offer you an amazing experience. My friend went on it and said it was fun. You get to pilot one of the customized airboats as you go through the Florida Everglades. Enjoy the fresh air as you go through an amazing stretch of Mother Nature. Surely, you will see some gators!

4 Black Raven Pirate Ship in St. Augustine

Black Raven Pirate Ship in St. AugustinePhoto Credit: DeusXFlorida

Here I am, back in St. Augustine again. I can’t seem to leave this place alone. It is so full of neat attractions. The Black Raven Pirate Ship is an amazing experience. The pirates there are so in character that it makes you feel as if you truly are back in time sailing over the high seas when all it is is a sail down the Mantanzas! Each pirate has their own talent.

3 St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

St. Augustine Lighthouse and MuseumPhoto Credit: Bill Liao

The lighthouse and museum is a blast! If you are a lighthouse enthusiast, then this is something that you cannot pass up. It even has its own gift shop and museum. You can walk around the lighthouse so you can see the light. This is definitely a good attraction.

2 Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine

Anastasia State Park in St. AugustinePhoto Credit: Charles Huss

I remember going to the Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine with my parents as a kid/teenager. It was always fun! Now, I still enjoy it. You can actually camp in this park, but I never actually did it. I do know that it is a good place to walk and pick up pretty shells and look for shark teeth.

1 Walt Disney World

Walt Disney WorldPhoto Credit: Phillip Ritz

Okay, I had to include this as number one, don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming! Disney World is an exciting and magical place for children and adults. This is one of the most visited theme parks in the world. It is sitting on over 25,000 acres. It consists of four world-renowned theme parks, two water parks, twenty-four on site resorts, four mini golf courses, nighttime entertainment and a video game park.

There you have 10 attractions in Florida that you just have to see. These attractions are all one hundred percent fun, at least they were for me! So, where is your favorite place to visit in Florida?

Top Photo Credit: Jeff_B.

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