7 Great Amusement Parks for Kids ...

With warm weather comes all sorts of fun activities you canโ€™t do all year round, like picnics, fairs, and of course, amusement parks! But if you have younger children, they may not be ready, or tall enough, for most amusement parks rides, so why waste your money on a trip to a grown-up amusement park? Hereโ€™s my list of 7 great amusement parks for kidsโ€ฆ

1. Disneyland

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Photo Credit: Joy Elizabeth

Of course, the very best place in the world for kids, amusement park or not, is Disneyland! Itโ€™s designed specifically for children and their families, and itโ€™s very family-friendly, too. So many rides, so many attractions, and of course, all of the princesses and characters! Iโ€™ve never met a child who didnโ€™t love Disneyland!

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