5 Best Weight Loss Programs ...

I'm always trying out new weight loss programs. I think that, between me and my friends, we've tried them all... Atkins, Sugar Busters, The Zone, Cabbage Soup Diet, Skier's Diet, Master Cleanse, and more! We've all learned from our weight-loss attempts that some work, some don't. Some I love and some I hate... So, here are my** five favorite weight loss programs** that I've seen be really the best!

1. Weight Watchers ...

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Weight Loss: 1-3 pounds per week

Cost: Registration and weekly meeting fees vary by location, but average is $25-$35 to join and $13 a week. This does not include the cost of any food... just for meetings.

What I Think: I've been on Weight Watchers several times, and so have lots of my friends. Basically, you use a point system to determine how much you can eat each day. I think Weight Watchers is great for a lot of reasons. First of all, I love it because all foods are allowed... since there aren't any forbidden foods, I'm not tempted to cheat on those things I'm not supposed to have.

Also, a lot of companies are partnering with Weight Watchers, so they put the points right on the labels, which makes it easy for me to make the right choices. Also, saving points is really neat... I have saved points for the weekend before if I knew we were going out to eat somewhere great.

But, the downside of this program for me was the point calculations... I had to carry the little booklet and paper calculator in my purse all the time, and keeping up with the points got confusing for me. Also, the weight loss on this program has always been slow (but steady) for me and my friends... between one and three pounds a week. Learn more at the Weight Watchers website.

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