10 Most Popular Diets - Have You Been on One ..?


10 Most Popular Diets - Have You Been on One ..?
10 Most Popular Diets - Have You Been on One ..?

If you are anything like me, you too might be guilty of eating just a little too much at one time or another (and who isn't during those long cold nights..? ;)

And with the swimsuit season approaching, I thought it was time to find a diet that really worked. So far I am considering these 10 popular diets Internet is buzzing about. But have you tried any of them? Do they really work?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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The Slimming World Diet ...

What It Is: From what I've read about this diet, in order to start losing weight we need to split our week into Original days, and Green days. On original days, our meals should consist of a lot of protein, but the meals themselves should be rather small.

And on green days, we are allowed to eat unlimited amounts of "green" food, such as fruit and veggies. If only one felt full after chewing on carrots and salary sticks all day long ...

What I Think: I don't think I could stay on this diet long. A day, maybe :)) Maybe two, but I don't really see myself eating very little food one day and then veggies ( which I don't like) and fruit the whole day afterwards.

More Info: But if you think this diet is something you'd like to try, there is a good review on DietsInReview.com.


The Atkins Diet ...

**What It Is: **In this diet the meals are supposed to be very protein and fat heavy, and carbohydrates should be very limited. Apparently this diet works on the concept that by eating protein/fatty foods, we will consume less calories in total!

What I Think: Now that sounds like a great idea! Protein and fat heavy foods read in my dictionary as lots of steaks, roasted chicken, pork ribs and grilled salmon. And that's not bad at all! If only I haven't stumbled upon some very negative reviews ...

**More Info: **Please check this review from FattyWeightLoss.com before going on this particular diet. I am still weighting pros and cons myself ...

*10 Top Atkins Diet Foods …


The GI Diet ...

**What It Is: **Here is what I found out about this mysterious GI diet: certain foods are marketed as GI (Glycemic Index) high foods (corn flakes, baked potato, watermelon, croissant, white bread, extruded cereals (eg, Rice Krispies), straight glucose), which means that they will keep us fuller for longer.

According to these diet, we should eat these foods, and avoid foods that have a low GI (most fruit and vegetables (except potatoes, watermelon), grainy breads, pasta, legumes/pulses, milk, products extremely low in carbohydrates (fish, eggs, meat, nuts, oils), brown rice). They say it reduces cravings and general calorie consumption.

**What I Think: **First of all I wonder if this diet will ever be able to reduce my daily chocolate cravings... And secondly, I don't think it's a good idea to eliminate such foods as eggs, fish, nuts, milk and oils (???) from our daily diet. These are the backbone of any healthy diet, aren't they?

More Info: In case you are interested, read the review from DietsInReview.com AND the comments of (hopefully) real people which you'll find on the same page below. Sounds impressive, but I am still not sure about saying "no" to all those healthy foods...


Slim Fast ...

What It Is: Along with any other meal replacement, this diet should work (and it'd better!!!), because we are supposed to replace two meals a day with a shake, usually breakfast and lunch. For tea, we can have 600 calories, and we are allowed fruit or certain cereal bars as snacks too.

What I Think: I don't know how long I'll be able to stick to "2 shakes a day" program, but it all does make sense, so if the weight loss happens during the first 2 weeks (I honestly can't see myself going on like that longer. Do you think you will?), it might be a great diet just to lose that couple of pounds.

More Info: our blogger Katie described her experience with this diet in 5 Diet Programs That Worked for Me ... - check it out and see how this diet worked for her.


Detox Diets ...

**What It Is: **These diets suggest that we detox first and then cut out anything that the body may not like, such as anything with preservatives or that may have been treated with pestacides. This mainly leaves organic fruit and vegetables, rice, fish and meat to eat, but these foods are usually filling, right?

What I Think: Although this diet sounds very healthy, I don't think I have it in me (time and money, that is) to cook 3 organic meals a day... Although I think detoxing is a great way to lose some weight. I heard many celebrities detox and go on fruit and veggie diet a couple of days prior to the big red carpet events. So, this must be really working, if you need to shed off just a little.

More Info: But if you'd like to try to detox and stick to organic only, make sure you read about 3 Most Effective Ways to Detox Your Body .... This is an amazing post and the 3 detoxification ways are all natural too!


Food Combining Diet ...

**What It Is: **This is a plan that tells you what foods can and cannot be eaten together. It's main rule is that protein rich foods should be eaten separately from carbohydrate heavy foods, as both take a long time to be fully digested and this leads to bloating and fat storage.

What I Think: This diet does sound interesting and the main part is that it allows having any food, which is always great. But I wonder if it really works... Have you tried it, did it work for you?

More Info: There is a great post on Food Combining on DietAndLifestyle.com, if you want more details.


The Weight Watchers Diet ...

What It Is: There are books, there is a website, there are actual group gatherings, but the diet itself is very simple. It consists of giving every type of food a number of points. Each slimmer is assigned an amount of points that they can consume each day, determined by how much weight they want to lose, and can eat anything as long as they do not exceed this points level.

What I Think: I haven't tried this diet yet, but I heard so much about it I think it's time to finallytry it. Although I hear it has some downhills as well.

More Info: Read their review on Sensational.com. It has a lot of negatives!


Low Fat Diet ...

**What It Is: **This is as the name suggests, girls - where high fat foods are cut out of the diet in place for low fat alternatives. This lowers the calories consumed, and leads to weight loss.

**What I Think: **Easier said than done. I don't know if this one would work for me. Low fat means no chocolate or sweets. I am out. But if you are not as chocolate dependable as me, you might actually want to try it.

More Info: Read more about low fat diets at Dietsinreview.com.


Dietary Supplements ...

What It Is: Tablets which are usually taken a few hours before eating that claim to either speed up metabolism or starve off hunger. These are taken for a month or so at a time.

What I think: If you ask me, a diet that requires taking pills doesn't seem to be a good idea. It's just doesn't seem to be natural or healthy. Please correct me if I am wrong.

**More Info: **The review from Ezinearticles.com suggests that one can never be sure if those dieting pills are safe, no matter wether they have FDA approval or not... So, please think twice before ordering, girls.


Rosemary Conley’s Hips and Thighs Diet ...

What It Is: This diet suggests how much of each type of food should be eaten, recommending high amounts of fruit and vegetables and low amounts of fatty foods. It also suggests an exercise plan that is easily fitted around hectic lifestyles. Finally, a diet with an exercise plan - now we are talking :)

**What I Think: **Any diet that has an exercise plan gets my voice! I can't believe other popular programs do not have this important part and what can be a more natural way to lose weight than following a diet and an exercise routine?

Speaking of exercise, there is a great post called 10 Top Exercises to Lose Weight … if you too believe in traditional way of losing weight.

More Info: Check out the review of Reosemary Conley's diet at DietsInReview.com. It has a 100% success rating from the website readers! Not bad, huh?

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So, have you tried any of these most popular diets or heard about them from your friends? Please do tell which of these are worth a try and which aren't... I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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Hey, Im on the low-carb/atkins diet. It actually works well, espeically if your overweight. But it is less a diet and a lifestyle, so it can be somewhat struggling. But I eat lots of salads and meats and it seems to be working well for me. I strongly encourage the low-carb diet for anyone who wants to lose alot of weight, the first time I was on it I lost 4 pant sizes in half a year. I also stopped eating bread for a while, and then when I ate it again, I felt massively horribly sick. I don't really eat it anymore, but my diet seems to be going well. So low-carb ftw, and yes don't forget to drink water!

hi, i'm 13 and i weigh 160lbs. what diet do you think would be the best and fastest way for me to lose weight? I have been "big" for most my life and i don't want to be "big" anymore.So since it's nearly summer and this year i would really like to go swimming in a two piece swim suite and feel confident enough that nobody is making fun of me, i have decided to stick to a really good diet that is effective and is healthy too. So any suggestion's to my problem. P.S. i know i am still young/growing but i just can't deal with it anymore and i would really like some help with this problem i have been having since i was 6 years old.

I have met people that had great success with detox diets. I could never get passed the first few days cause I always got really sick in the stomach.

Just a side note, I think the goal of the Adkins diet has very little to do with actual calorie intake. The point is that you eat little to no carbs. Since carbs are converted to sugar and sugar converts to fat, there are a great many who lose a lot of weight by simply cutting down on carbs. Most of the diets on the market are not all that healthy though. In order to be healthy you have to eat a little of everything, and try to stick to whole nutrients instead of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Calories, though part of the picture, are really only a small part of the over-all 'losing weight game' picture. Other than that, all of our bodies need something different, so it's never a smart idea to go gung-ho on any particular fad diet. Talk to your doctor, and if that isn't a viable option for you, do what logic tells you. Eat less junk, eat more whole grains and lean meat / fruits and veggies, and make sure you move around more. Plus, don't forget how important drinking water is.

I´ve read Eat right for Your bloodtype diet makes sick people healthier + they have sportrecommendations, personnally I eat homegrown vedgetables and grow my own herbs. I love chamomiletea.

I am currently on the SlimFast diet. I have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch. I eat one banana a day, and I snack on grapes when I do feel hungry. I drink 4-6 bottles of water and I work out at the gym 1-2 Hours a day. For lunch, I sometimes eat a grilled chicken salad instead of the shake and I either skip dinner or have my shake then. I have no appetite for the most part and I am working very hard and I have only been at it 29 days and dropped 15.6 pounds. I love this diet and I feel great!

Hi... Just a quick comment. I am a Registered Dietitian and just wanted to point out that the GI Diet (glycemic index diet) explanation is wrong. High GI foods, which cause an increase in the glycemic curve and thus a rise in insulin levels should be avoided. THESE are the foods which increase cravings and decrease saciety. On the other hand, Low GI foods are encouraged, IN MODERATION. Hope this is useful!!!!

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