Diet You Fit in??


Diet You Fit in??
Diet You Fit in??

A friend of mine had overcome her weight battle successfully in about 8 weeks! How? She claims she went with a lot of her own **“fresh fruit juicing” **and slowly added some small meals. So last week I decided to follow her example and jump-start this new trend. But - DAY ONE - came and went and never started! Every day I ** **** really** had a different excuse!

**1. **I was invited to my friend’s engagement party…I ** had **to eat…I felt left out because they were all eating.

2. **Next day…I had a diet tuna plate - but to get the bitter taste - “fish smell,” out of my mouth, I **had to eat something sweet….as in ice cream

3. After reading about “The kids overseas are starving, so naturally I had to clean my plate.

4. The day after….It was my birthday, so I had to eat the cake….etiquette rules!

**5. **Then I overheard…..”If you fatten up everyone else around you, then you look thinner!”

And is it true…**.When you eat with someone else, calories don’t count if you don’t eat more than they do?**

I sit and wonder - Am I alone on this or do I have company??

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