12 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight ...


12 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight ...
12 Reasons Why You Cant Lose Weight ...

Eating less and exercising more? Then why can’t you lose weight? I found that despite trying my best to lose weight, I overlooked 12 key things....Make sure you aren’t hindering your own diet!!

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Stop Snacking ...

You’re probably more bored then hungry, so make sure you don’t have snacks lying around the house and drink a glass of water, as you may be thirsty instead of hungry.


Overly Generous Portions ...

You might be eating the right foods, but too much. Remember that cheese is supposed to be the size of a matchbox... Check how much a serving is (this is written on the side of most packaging) and make sure you don’t regularly exceed this.


You’re Eating the Leftovers ...

No one likes waste, but if you eat the leftovers you will be consuming food that you don’t need, and you’ll be left with a waist you don’t like! Bin them, or make enough for another meal the next day!


You’re Doing It Alone ...

Get a friend onside, so you can share your up and down days, and get motivated if you need too.


You Aren’t Eating Enough ...

I had a big problem with this one. If you start eating the bare minimum, your body will go into survival mode, and hold on to everything you eat. Not good. Make sure you are eating enough!


Stress is Making You Fat ...

When you are stressed, your body makes more of the hormone that causes you to store fat. Have a hot bath, read a book, get a massage...destress, and you’ll be much more successful.


You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep ...

Lack of sleep can make you gain weight, so make sure you’re getting your full amount. Have a bath at 8pm, and go to sleep at 9pm. Let yourself sleep until you naturally wake up, and do this every night for about 8 nights. Then find the average, and plan to get that much sleep whenever possible.


Your Too Cold ...

Its commonly presumed that you burn more calories when cold, but this has been proved untrue. Wrap up warm, or your body will create more fat to cushion you from the cold!


You’re Depressed ...

If you are feeling low you are more likely to comfort eat, so make sure that you are feeling happy. If you’re not, consider what you can change that will boost your happiness, as this will have a huge overall benefit, not just on your waist.


You Aren’t Drinking Enough ...

Get the balance right. Drink a glass in the morning, one with each meal, and one before you go to sleep.


Your Goals Are All Wrong ...

Set goals that are achievable. If you don’t, you’ll be disheartened every time you fail, which is never good. The boost you get from achieving a goal really helps, so make sure you can!


Don’t Take Dieting Too Seriously ...

Remember that you have to live a little too, and that if you are eating well, following this advice and exercising, you’ll get there eventually.

Have you found any other dieting tricks? Please share them with me!

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I feel like you wrote this article based on your own knowledge...you could of easily took some time to actually look up ligit facts, which could be found anywhere. Don't misinform people, or be vague with things as important as a women's weight.

I ask my self the same things Mel! I take care of what I eat and eat lesser amounts and do exercise, but it seems I reamin with the same weight! I need to overlook some of these poins especially stop snacking and reduce my portions! :S

Well I have to tell you girls that after a few months....when I lost 10 kg now.....it seems that nothing it's working anymore. I walk everyday for 2hours or 2h and half. I exercise in home (don't have time for gym) and I gave up sweets a long time ago(well I time a week counts? ) but ....I'm in stand by now.

Indira, I agree with some of what you said. But I think the article is based on knowledge and every day's thinking. And most of these points are from reality!

I actually agree with many of these points. Cleansing your system is important anytime, and I would recommend it to everyone. Then eating smaller portions, but more often, and of course, eating healthy foods, and get rid of the junk foods. Exercise of some sort, even if it's only walking helps as well. I understand that rewarding yourself once in a while by eating your favorite foods is also very helpful to keep you going on. Stress changes the chemistry in your system and I am sure adds to weight gain. I heard that some birth control pills will do the same thing. Good thing to remember: You did not gain all this weight in a short time, so you should not try to lose it in a short time either. Easy does it!!!

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