Top 3 Dieting Mistakes to Avoid ...

When a girl hits puberty, diet is probably the first word that she becomes acquainted with. No matter what age you are in, dieting** **is most probably deeply embedded in your vocabulary, whether you have one pound or ten pounds to lose.

And why do you think there is such an influx of fad diets? It's because there's almost an obsession in our society that the thinner you are, the more attractive you'll be.

So if you do need to shed off some excess weight, here are the top 3 dieting mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Don't Start a New Diet Plan without Consulting an Expert

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This is probably one of the most common mistakes that women make. The minute that they see a new diet in a magazine, or if they hear about it from a girlfriend – they immediately get into it without consulting the help of an expert. This is especially dangerous to your health if you have a lot of pounds to lose – because you might not be getting the nutrition that you need.

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