Dieting You 5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda


Dieting You 5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda
Dieting You 5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

Whatever name you call it, pop, fountain drink, soda, Coke, it is just one thing, bad for you! As Americans we drink this stuff by the gallons, more than any other country in the world. Soda is just ounces of empty calories that can cause all sorts of health issues and be as addictive as smoking.

Here are 5 reasons that you should stop drinking soda:

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It Makes You Fat!

A study done at the University of Texas discovered that soda increases a person’s risk of being overweight by 32.8 percent and drinking diet soda increased that risk by 54.5 percent! So “diet” isn’t always better for you.


Empty Calories

Most 20 ounce sodas contain 250 calories but don’t offer any other nutrients or minerals. The two main ingredients are sugar and caffeine.



Soda contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, and if you stop drinking caffeine suddenly it can cause a myriad of withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, depression, irritability and tremors.


Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

The American Heart Association's journal “Circulation” published a study in 2007 that people who drank soda every day were 44 percent more at risk to develop Metabolic Syndrome – a condition that increases the risk ofheart disease and diabetes.


Bad for the Environment

Soda bottles and cans make up a huge amount of un-recyclable debris in our countries' landfills, which is not only bad for the environment but ultimately bad for everyone's health.

So the next time you reach for that soda, pop or Coke, remember these facts and grab some water instead.

How do you think soda manufactures can be more health oriented and environmentally responsible?

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ahhh you are so right and i am tring but the problem is my parents only buy soda an water!!!

I love this post and hate to say...I am a addict lol I have tried to many times to stop drinking soda and it's so hard. I'm not fat or anything, I'm in pretty good shape but I know soda is so unhealthy and I really wish to stop! Someone help!

Wow. Thanks for those percentages! I usually treat myself to a soda when I'm out. But no more, I used to be an addict, and now all I drink is water. Sometimes I don't realize I'm drinking a soda at a party. But now I'll bring a bottle of water in my purse. :)

How come diet drinks make you fat? No calories, no fat, no sugar, NOTHING! Plus, it fills you up so you will avoid food. Ok, the additives are terrible but they won't turn you obese. Don't all models drink diet coke and smoke? Look at them!

my boyfriend just like drinking soda, though not very much, yet not little. Though my former neighbour, an old woman told us not to drink it too much, ( for every time, she visited us, there were some soda bottles in the corner)since it is reported that it is not good for health, yet boyfrined just turn a deaf ear. he said, he just like drinking, very cool. i also have no idear, i like drinking fruit juice but not coke.

this is very good. good tips for me.. thanks a lot .. :)

I'm 14 and I gave up soda sense September 25, 2010 and surprisingly IT WANS'T HARD AT ALL! i just realized when i drank soda i only did it cause it was the only thing i could drink and water wasn't an option and now .... I DON'T EVEN CRAVE IT!! the only thing I've been drinking almost this past 7 months was WATER AND MILK!!! 8-10 water , 1-2 milk!! even though juice is healthy but i didn't have room for it!!

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