Can Chinese Food Resolve West Obesity?


Can Chinese Food Resolve West Obesity?
Can Chinese Food Resolve West Obesity?

Can Chinese food really make you slim and help resolve the obesity problem in the country? Experts say that contrary to popular belief, Chinese food does not lead straight to obesity and heart disease.

There is one catch, though - the food has to be prepared properly. There should be none of the โ€˜fastfoodโ€™ Chinese takeout stuff which is cooked full of salt, MSG and lots of preservatives.

Another interesting thing that the axperts add is that in a typical Chinese meal, veggies are not a side dish but they are part of the main meal. Also, they stick to the 3 square, healthy meals a day minus the junk food in between meals as snacks.

Iโ€™m a big fan of stir-fried veggies myself and if Chinese food can help me have a leaner diet - then I better take my Oriental cookbook out of hiding and try preparing sumptuous, healthier meals.

All in all, the โ€˜moralโ€™ lesson is to try and have smaller servings, avoid eating junk foods, slurp up some soup to fill you up right before gobbling the main dish and let your taste buds get used to green tea which has green-normoushealth benefits!

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