Green Tea Helps in the Fight against Heart Disease ...


Green Tea Helps in the Fight against Heart Disease ...
Green Tea Helps in the Fight against Heart Disease ...

If heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, what are we doing health-wise to prevent it? Researches say that a couple of cups of green tea a day may be a big help:

A few cups **of **green tea each day may help prevent heart disease, Greek researchers said on Wednesday.

A study published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation showed further evidence of the potential health benefits from a brew already linked to a reduced risk of a range of cancers **and other **conditions.

The study showed that green tea improves blood flow and the ability of arteries to relax, said Charalambos Vlachopoulos, a cardiologist **at the **Athens Medical School in Greece who worked on the study.


In the US, black tea is the preferred beverage **as compared to green tea. In Eastern countries, however, **green tea is a staple drink on their tables.

The component which helps make green tea beneficial to your heart’s health is flavonoids **-which is also found in **tomatoes, cocoa **and **grapes.

In addition, what makes** green te**a the most preferred variant of this famous health drink is that it is the least processed, as compared to the red or black varieties.

Aside from heart disease, green tea also has great potential in preventing **certain types of **cancer. It contains polyphenol catechins which is a potent antioxidant **that helps protect the body from **free radical damage.

All in all, there aren’t any adverse health effects of green tea -so why not make it part of your regular, healthy diet?

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