Drink up Red Wine's anti-Fat Benefits ...


Drink up Red Wine's anti-Fat Benefits ...
Drink up Red Wine's anti-Fat Benefits ...

We’ve been hearing this delightful piece of information both from the French and American wine drinkers for decades now: red wine can help blunt the effects of **a high-fat diet**while keeping the heart healthy.

According to Telegraph.Co.Uk:

Many have speculated that answer to the paradox lies in their love of a glass or two of wine with a meal and have focused on a chemical found in red wine called resveratrol, also a natural constituent of grapes, pomegranates and other foods.

Earlier studies have shown it can blunt the toxic effects of a diet very high in fat, which causes liver damage, but this is the first study to directly look at ageing.

The “ageing” being referred to here is cardiac ageing - which still relates to your heart’s health. Now wouldn’t it be better if they were referring to the real, I’m-getting-fine-wrinkles ageing?

Anyway, revesratrol is a chemical which is responsible for giving red wine its heart health benefits. More importantly, revesratrol blunts the effects of a high-fat diet due to its c**aloric restriction effects**. This means that a typical diet will have 20 to 30% less calories by drinking a glass or two of red wine.

A 5-ounce glass of red wine contains 0.30 to 1.07 mg of revesratrol. Muscadine wines, the Spanish variety of red wine, red grape juice, Spanish rose wine and the Pinot Noir are other good sources of revesratrol.

This is also the reason why the French** are much less prone to developing heart disease** due to their love of red wine, which they regularly drink with their meals.

I would definitely like to get rid of the excess fat in my diet - so I’ll dig up whatever good red wine I can find and serve it with my tasty (I hope!) home cooked dinner later tonight.

Au revior!

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