10 Things That Are Surprisingly Good for You?


10 Things That Are Surprisingly Good for You?
10 Things That Are Surprisingly Good for You?

You can never truly say that you’ve heard it all, especially when news tidbits like these still manage to surprise us: nicotine can be used to cure Alzheimer’s disease? Or the substance from marijuana can be used to cure skin tumors?

It seems like no matter how seemingly bad something might be for you, there’s always something supposedly good to come out of it.

Check out this list of the top 10 things that are surprisingly good for you, as compiled by TimesOnline.co.uk:

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Chocolate Those who eat chocolate and sweets up to three times a month live almost a year longer that those who eat too much or none at all.

Hmm, I’ve always loved the bitter, sinfully dark chocolate bars but what about the diabetes that you can get from all that sugar? And allergic, reactions, kidney stones, heartburn, aggravated PMS? I could go on all day!


Red Wine

Red Wine This is something that we’ve been hearing since time immemorial. Red wine’s supposed to be good for the heart, and:

Another ingredient, resveratrol, slows ageing of the heart, bones, eyes and muscles and can even deter cataracts, at least in mice.

Okay, I will concede that red wine can make you live longer - in a rehab! And don’t even get me started on alcohol cirrhosis and all the other problems that Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse are soo familiar with.



Stress Long-term stress is definitely not good for you but in short bursts - say standing up to give a speech at a wedding - stress can help reinforce your immune system.

Yeah right, if short-term stress can help reinforce my immune system, I probably should be flying more so that I won’t feel anxiety when the plane takes off. But maybe I’ll get to meet a sexy guy like Sayid when the Oceanic Flight 815 that I’m in crashes in Temptation Island.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Ice cream is my official breakup and PMS’ing food. So what are the negative effects of too much ice cream on your diet? Well, who cares, right? =)


White Bread

White Bread White bread is actually a poor option as compared to whole, wheat bread. In fact, you should think twice before ordering your next sandwich on white bread because you are putting yourself at risk for diabetes - it’s the sugar and the white flour content that’s the culprit.

The bottom 5 of the list includes work, coffee, baked beans, Guinness and newspaper lists. Ho-hummm…. I guess it’s a really, really slow news day!

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