8 Holidays Which Will Boost Your Health ...

Do you ever feel like you need to get a little healthier? I’m always trying new things to keep me active and glowing, so the news that holidays are being designed to boost health was very welcomed by me! I’ve been researching which ones are the best, and here are my top health-boosting holidays...

1. Tummy Boosting

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Price: Around 2,400 euros at parkhotel-igls.at
This resort aims to sort out digestive problems with the perfect combination of a Mayr diet and gentle exercise. On arrival you’ll settle in, before a medical team discusses your dietary needs and health issues. You’ll be prescribed a week long course personalized for you, with modules focusing on different areas of your health. You’ll have regular medical checks, and daily group sessions, but the best part? The gorgeous resort, and stunning surroundings!

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