8 Holidays Which Will Boost Your Health ...


8 Holidays Which Will Boost Your Health ...
8 Holidays Which Will Boost Your Health ...

Do you ever feel like you need to get a little healthier? I’m always trying new things to keep me active and glowing, so the news that holidays are being designed to boost health was very welcomed by me! I’ve been researching which ones are the best, and here are my top health-boosting holidays...

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Tummy Boosting

Tummy Boosting Price: Around 2,400 euros at parkhotel-igls.at
This resort aims to sort out digestive problems with the perfect combination of a Mayr diet and gentle exercise. On arrival you’ll settle in, before a medical team discusses your dietary needs and health issues. You’ll be prescribed a week long course personalized for you, with modules focusing on different areas of your health. You’ll have regular medical checks, and daily group sessions, but the best part? The gorgeous resort, and stunning surroundings!


Pilates and More

Pilates and More Price: 7,400 ZAR at capeactive.com
This amazing workout is renowned for getting rid of bad backs, wobbly bellies and posture problems. Daily activities include pilates, mountain climbing, boat trips to Seal Island, visiting lion parks, and a vineyard tour. The pilates guarantees to boost your health and muscular fitness, and it’s the best way to see everything the West cape of South Africa has to offer. Amazing!


Water Babies

Water Babies Price: From 720 euros at swimtrek.com
This is a great holiday for swimmers, or those who love the sea. You’ll swim between islands, usually around 4 kilometres per day, before enjoying sandy beaches and gorgeous scenes. There are boats always following incase you get too tired, and the only requirement is the ability to swim the front crawl or breaststroke to a reasonable degree. If you are shy, try going on a weekend trip instead...either way, you’ll feel healthier then you have in a long time and get to enjoy masses of amazing views.



Price: From 674 euros, half board, at sourcealps.com
Start the day in a gorgeous lodge, doing yoga at sunrise. Then enjoy the slopes for the majority of the day, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned skier. End with some gentle stretches to avoid post-workout burn, and start again the next day! There is also the opportunity to spend the day enjoying a massage or some pilates, and a heated hot tub with an amazing view of the Alps. Dreamy!


Surf and Unwind

Surf and Unwind Price: $1400 at i-to-i.com
This great resort is the perfect place to go to if you want to enjoy amazing views, learn to surf and help the environment. Going through this volunteer project means you can see Costa Rica for a fraction of the usual cost, and it’s great for getting back to basics. You’ll stay in a dormitory, with no electricity or hot water, and eating basic meals. You are, however, in the middle of tropical paradise, and can spend the days surfing and saving local wildlife. It really is the trip of a lifetime!



Purification Price: $1800 at kuoni.co.uk
This is a five star detox, set in a gorgeous Thailand resort. For the first two days you’ll eat a special diet of fruit and vegetables, and the third day is a juice and soup diet. There is a personalized schedule of exercises, activities and spa treatments which are tailored to your needs, whether that is losing weight, beating health issues or coping with exhaustion. The therapies are fantastic, and Phuket beaches will make it a holiday to remember.


Holistic Holidays

Price: 890 euros at spa-in-spain.com
This holiday is set in a beautiful 13th century hotel, and is the perfect place to unwind. You’ll be submerged in the peaceful Ayurvedic way of life, from their meals to their spa treatments. When you aren’t finding inner peace, you can explore the rolling countryside and the close beaches. It’s heaven...you really will find peace with yourself and come back peaceful and harmonized.


Caribbean Cruises

Price: From $1500 at ncl.co.uk
Any Caribbean cruise would be perfect, but this one promises to return you feeling healthier and happier! There’s an onboard spa, with the facilities to offer treatments such as botox, low calorie but high flavour meals and personal trainers to help you find exercises that will work for you. You’ll also get to visit amazing places, such as Costa Maya and parts of Mexico!

However you’d like to keep fit, or wherever you want to go, there is sure to be a holiday here that will fulfil all your needs and make you healthier too. I can’t wait to try some out...I’d love to boost my health while enjoying sangria and sunsets! Have you been on a healthy holiday? Please let me know!

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