10 Fab Yoga Poses ...


10 Fab Yoga Poses ...
10 Fab Yoga Poses ...

There are various schools of yoga, but I prefer the relaxed Hatha yoga, since I’m lazy. So any form of exercise that involves spending most of the time lying or sitting down is okay by me. Here are some of the poses I most enjoy practising.

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The Cat

The Cat My favourite pose. Ever watched a cat stretch? Seen how it arches its back high? Cats know a thing or two about relaxing, and this pose is just wonderful for gently exercising the spine.

Photo Credit: David Kozlowski


The Tree

The Tree I like this pose because I can get my foot up high. Yoga is, as my old teacher used to repeat, non-competitive. Still, I used to enjoy the feeling of smugness as my foot reached higher than anyone else’s. Tee hee.

Photo Credit: sunsinger


The Bridge

The Bridge Not really too difficult to work out how this got its name. A lovely upwards stretch.

Photo Credit: SunSpriteRaven


Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Another good stretching pose, though not as much fun as the Cat. Strangely enough, cats have been known to practise a similar pose. Know your enemy, perhaps.

Photo Credit: myyogaonline



Lotus Yes, the one with your feet on the opposite thighs. You do need to be a bit bendy for this one. I am. Ner ner ner.

Photo Credit: bsandusky


The Plow. or Plough

The Plow. or Plough However you spell it, the pose is the same. Shoulders on floor, legs over head. Looks incredibly impressive. Even I can’t get my feet to the floor like the model in the picture. Yet.

Photo Credit: goodlux


The Child

The Child This is known as a resting position, and is incredibly relaxing. Many parents will wish that their children really were this laid back. If so, get them into a class pronto and soon your child will be happy, joyful and serene. Best start early, or the odds are against you.

Photo Credit: Yoga-Vidya


The Twist

The Twist Ooh, this is lovely. Gently turns the torso to one side and the legs to the other. Note the word gently. Don’t overdo it or you might feel like an overstretched elastic band.

Photo Credit: Apple Crisp


The Warrior

The Warrior This pose does make me feel … well, like an Amazon warrior. It really does seem like having a bow in your hands. Feel like a powerful woman …

Photo Credit: sosostris


The Corpse

The Corpse Not quite as sinister as it sounds. Simply involves lying on your back with your arms and legs flopped to the side. So relaxing that it is often accompanied by the sound of snoring in classes.

Photo Credit: cogdogblog

Are you a yoga aficionado? What other poses do you find beneficial? Do you also enjoy T’ai Chi or other such practices?

Top Photo Credit: A bunch of beans

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Just so you know... #3 in the picture is called wheel pose. Bridge pose is actually where you lay on your back, palms facing down on either side of your body, and you raise your hips by peeling your back off the ground until it is straight. (So a pelvic thrust, essentially.) Make sure to keep your neck and arms on the ground, as well as your shoulders.

6 looks hard! 8 and 10 just sound like fun! :D

i love the tree pose, my favourite has to be the sun salutation, it's got a bit of everything and i feel so zen after it!

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