8 Best Trainers ...


8 Best Trainers ...
8 Best Trainers ...

Good trainers can mean the difference between an effective, powerful workout, and a miserable, blister-inducing one. If you’re wearing the wrong shoes, or shoes that fit incorrectly, you might as well stay home! Not sure which trainers might be best for you? Start with my list of the eight best trainers, then try them all on in different sizes to get the right pair for you!

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Nike T-Lite VIII

Nike T-Lite VIII Price: $50.00 at nike.com
If you’re looking for an all-around reliable shoe that gives you cushioning and support for your work-out, then start with this sturdy leather shoe. It’s stylish, to be sure, but it’s also durable, with a rubber outsole for traction and Nike’s Considered Design for perfect performance as well as a much smaller impact on the environment.


Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV

Nike Free Trainer 7.0.IV Price: $85.00 at nike.com
This glittering little shoe fits and feels like a slipper, very lightweight yet durable and supportive. They’re designed to give support, comfort, and traction, but to be feather-light — which is why the uppers are made of mesh and leather.


Nike Zoom Quick Sister+

Nike Zoom Quick Sister+ Price: $53.97 at shop.nordstrom.com
The all-around best high-tech Nike trainer available, in my view! This shoe offers a low profile, with a mesh upper and very springy sole. It’s also equipped with Nike+ technology, so you can add the Nike + iPod sport kit… cool!


New Balance 1210

New Balance 1210 Price: $119.99 at nbwebexpress.com
This is the women’s trainer that New Balance considers to be their ultimate, in fit, comfort, and durability. It’s not hard to see why — it features their advanced responsive cushioning system, and it’s made of their ultra lightweight materials. The list of technologies and features is almost too long to relate, so for more information, visit the site via the link above!


New Balance 1010

New Balance 1010 Price: $109.99 at nbwebexpress.com
This is the perfect shoe if you’re most interested in support, and cushioning second. New Balance touts this as their all-around cross-training shoe, and this is the one I’ve used, and loved, for ages! It’s good for indoor or outdoor work-outs… I can tell you it makes the elliptical machine a bit more bearable for sure!


New Balance 760

New Balance 760 Price: $99.99 at nbwebexpress.com
This is an excellent running shoe, the replacement for the popular 769 shoe. It cushions, it supports, and it’s durable, with a combination of all of the latest and greatest New Balance technology. Even more, proceeds from the sale of this shoe benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.


Reebok Evaluate Trainer

Reebok Evaluate Trainer Price: $49.99 at reebok.com
You can’t find a better cross-training shoe for the money — it’s easy on your wallet and on your body! It features a low cut for better mobility and a leather and mesh upper for cool comfort and support. It also uses Reebok’s DMX Ride technology, which is all about foam cushioning for support.


Reebok EasyTone Inspire

Reebok EasyTone Inspire Price: $99.98 at shop.nordstrom.com
I love the commercials for this shoe! They’re designed to give you a firmer, tighter derriere and improved muscle tone in your hamstrings and calves, too. The uppers are leather and mesh for great support and breathability, and they’re also designed not to rub on your feet, so no blisters!

Don’t forget! It’s not just getting the trainer that looks the best, or matches your workout clothes. It’s about getting the best trainer for how you exercise, and one that fits the best! Which of these trainers do you like best, and why? Or is there another great trainer you use? Please let me know!

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