8 Best Mini Laptops ...

For my regular work, I prefer using a full-size laptop, to get a good-sized keyboard and screen. However, there are times when I find it useful to have a smaller netbook computer, and if you need to be able to carry a laptop around then small is definitely beautiful – and light! Here I’ve picked out some of the best mini laptops on the market.

1. Acer Aspire AO533 in Red

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Price: $349.99 at amazon.com
I’ve been very happy with the two Acers I’ve had up to now, so I’d certainly consider buying another one. This model has a decent 10in screen, so you wouldn’t have to strain to read anything. I love the red color, which makes a change from the usual standard silver. On a technical note, the netbook has an excellent 8 hour battery life, weighs under 3 pounds, and is just 1in thick.

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