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7 Most Ridiculous as Seen on TV Products ...

By Jennifer

I love TV infomericals because they’re so hilarious. I had no idea who many things I was doing wrong, how many ways I could improve my life! There are so many ridiculous products being shown on TV, for sale, that I couldn’t resist putting together a list of my favorites. Note that these don’t even include the sex aids. Yow!

1 Booty-pop

Booty-popPrice: $19.95 at
Are you kidding me? Padded panties? I don’t even know where to start about how this product is so wrong. Like we women haven’t been told for years that our breasts aren’t large or perky enough, now we have to hear that our butts aren’t either? Seriously? What’s next, Crotchy-pop for boys?

2 Bump-its

Bump-itsPrice: $9.99 at
Sure, the style right now may call for teasing your hair a little, but you can usually spot a hair-do accentuated with a Bump-It from a mile away. It’s sort of like the push-up bra for hair. If you can’t get the look with a teasing comb and some spray, then just leave it alone.

3 Age Away

Age AwayPrice: $17.95 at
Really? How much of a hassle is it to dye your roots? Are you ever in so much of a hurry that this pen makes any sort of sense? No. Take the time to dye your roots the right way, or face the consequences of this ridiculously unsuccessful product. Your roots will look worse than when you started.

4 Collegiate Snuggie

Collegiate SnuggiePrice: $19.95 at
News flash: if you buy a Snuggie of any print or color for your college student, he or she will be ostracized and perhaps even beaten. This patch of fleece will ruin your child’s hope of a social life while at college, giving them plenty of time to focus on their studies, or think of a plot to get even with you.

5 HairMax Laser Comb

HairMax Laser CombPrice: $498.00 at
For this price, this fancy comb had better re-grow all kinds of hair. Does it work? I really doubt it. It’s a laser attached to a comb. Keep your money in your wallet and save it for a good toupee instead… or better yet, just accept your bald spot with grace, mister, or shave your head. The site claims there are “no worrisome side effects.” Like what, hair growth?

6 Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Long Reach Comfort WipePrice: $9.95 at
If I ever get so obese or disabled that I can’t reach around to wipe my own butt, hire me a nurse. A male nurse. A hot male nurse. Named Sven. Who can wipe for me, so I won’t have to order this wretched device.

7 Neckline Slimmer

Neckline SlimmerPrice: $19.95 at
Riiight. This product may actual help tone your neckline, but if you buy this, be aware that you’re going to have to use it in the closet, in the dark, where no-one else can see you. Really. I’m serious. It’s ridiculous. I’m not even kidding.

These top my list of the most ridiculous “as seen on TV” products, but I know there are so many more! Which products have you seen for sale on TV that made you laugh? Or have you ever actually tried any of these? Please share… I’m dying to see more!

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