7 Best Zynga Online Games ...


7 Best Zynga Online Games ...
7 Best Zynga Online Games ...

If you like playing online games, then chances are, you’re already playing one of Zynga’s games for Facebook or MySpace. I’ve tried them all, and FarmVille is my favorite! If you’re not sure which games belong to Zynga, keep reading! Here’s my list of the 7 best Zynga online games…

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FarmVille Photo Credit: JennKstep

This is my favorite Zynga game! It’s simple — plant and harvest crops, raise animals, and everything else you’d expect to do on a farm! As you gain experience and level up, you’re able to buy better crops, cooler animals, and so much more! It’s oddly addictive and so much fun! And there’s even a group of farmers that have become artists, making gorgeous pictures and designs using the crops, hay bales, and other decorations… wow!


Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars Who hasn’t dreamed of being a powerful mobster, building alliances and taking out enemies? In this game, you get to do that, and more, building a powerful family in Vegas, Moscow, Cuba, and Bangkok.



FrontierVille Photo Credit: JennKstep

Tame the Wild West and build a frontier town in this addictive little game. I like this one because you get to start a family, with a spouse and children. It’s very addictive, though, especially at the beginning, when you’re clearing the land of trees.


Café World

Café World Start and manage a thriving café in this cool game. You can choose the décor and menu, and visit the cafes of your friends! It’s fun, and you can advance without spending a whole lot of time. And the cafes are so cute!


Treasure Isle

Treasure Isle Photo Credit: JennKstep

In Treasure Isle, you dig for buried treasure on a series of tropical islands, then return home to your own little island. You can decorate your island any way you like, and visit your friends’ islands to see their little animals and decorations. Cool!



YoVille Photo Credit: JennKstep

YoVille is a little town, with apartments and shops and even a beach! Spend a little time at your job, then visit with friends, play games, and shop! You can decorate your apartment, shop for clothes, and just hang out.



PetVille Photo Credit: JennKstep

Do you dream of having a pet, but can’t have one? Visit PetVille and get the pet you want, then decorate her house with everything the best pets want. This is the cutest game, with the most adorable pets! Perfect for little kids, too, actually!

Choose one or two of these great Zynga games, and you’ll be hooked right away! Or maybe you already play a few of these? Which do you like best, and why? Please let me know… and add me!

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