7 Best Zynga Online Games ...

If you like playing online games, then chances are, you’re already playing one of Zynga’s games for Facebook or MySpace. I’ve tried them all, and FarmVille is my favorite! If you’re not sure which games belong to Zynga, keep reading! Here’s my list of the 7 best Zynga online games…

1. FarmVille

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This is my favorite Zynga game! It’s simple — plant and harvest crops, raise animals, and everything else you’d expect to do on a farm! As you gain experience and level up, you’re able to buy better crops, cooler animals, and so much more! It’s oddly addictive and so much fun! And there’s even a group of farmers that have become artists, making gorgeous pictures and designs using the crops, hay bales, and other decorations… wow!

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