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8 Cool Things Your Cell Phone Can do ...

By Jennifer

Cell phones can do so much more now than just make or take phone calls, text messages, and photos… they can do just about everything! But once in a while the convenience is almost overwhelming. What apps and features actually come in handy, and which are just silly? Here’s my list of the 8 cool things your cell phone can do… and that you’ll actually use!

Table of contents:

  1. tell you what song is on the radio
  2. tell your friends where you are
  3. let you harvest your crops
  4. do your banking
  5. win that original star trek collectible on ebay
  6. buy movie tickets while everyone else waits in line
  7. let you listen to npr
  8. check your points

1 Tell You What Song is on the Radio

Photo Credit: JennKstep

Have you ever been in the car listening to the radio, when a great song comes on… and you can’t figure out what it is, or who it’s by? Most phones have an app you can use that will record a tiny bit of the song and tell you what song it is, who the artist is, and what album it’s from… and most smart phones will also let you download the song for a fee, so you can listen to it whenever you want! This is especially helpful if you have satellite radio, but no “info” button…

2 Tell Your Friends Where You Are

Photo Credit: JennKstep

If you’ve ever seen FourSquare, then you know how cool this is! Your cell phone will alert your friends when you go somewhere cool, so they know where to find you at dinner, the movies, a club, and more! It’s so cool, and so helpful! You’re sure to check out new places, and see your friends even more…

3 Let You Harvest Your Crops

I’m a huge fan of FarmVille, and was beyond thrilled when Zynga released an iPhone app for FarmVille… so now you can harvest your crops, send gifts, and more! The iPhone app also unlocks special items, and who doesn’t want that cool rainbow apple tree? I do… can you send me one, please?

4 Do Your Banking

Photo Credit: JennKstep

I’ve used my cell phone to do my banking for so long now, I can’t remember what it’s like to have to actually write a check or use an ATM to make a transfer… most banks offer their mobile banking app for free, so why not try it?

5 Win That Original Star Trek Collectible on EBay

Photo Credit: JennKstep

I love eBay, but I loathe being outbid at the last minute because I was away from my computer. No more! Now I can track the items I’m bidding on no matter where I am, which means more cool eBay goodies for me! Yay!

6 Buy Movie Tickets While Everyone else Waits in Line

Photo Credit: JennKstep

I hate waiting in line… who doesn’t? And on Friday or Saturday night, while everyone else waits in line, you can bypass them all by using your cell phone to buy movie tickets. Now if only you could buy Junior Mints or popcorn without waiting in line at the concession stand…

7 Let You Listen to NPR

Photo Credit: JennKstep

I’ve been a devoted NPR listener for ages, but there are some places I just can’t listen, because radio reception is so poor. No worries — I can listen on my phone! Now I can hear the last bit of that interesting interview…

8 Check Your Points

If you are dieting using a Weight Watchers program, it can be ridiculously difficult to remember to bring your points charts with you when you dine out, not to mention the times you go out to lunch or dinner unexpectedly… or while you’re at the grocery store. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! You can use your phone to check points…

See what I mean? Your cell phone can do just about anything you might want or need! Do you use any of these apps or features? Which do you like best? Or is there something else you use your cell phone for? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: ChappellStudio

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