7 Apps to Prevent Drunk Dialing ...

I have a few friends that I wish would invest in some of the following 7 apps to prevent drunk dialing. I’ve received some interesting text messages and phone calls from these individuals! A link with more information about the following apps, as well as the price for each one, are also provided in the list below.

7. Drunk Driver for Android – by Dan Schroeder

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Price: FREE at androidzoom.com

Even though this is an app that doesn’t block you from calling people on your contact list, maybe it will keep you busy enough that you won’t even think about calling your friends while you are drunk. I don’t really understand how the name of this app fits the idea behind it, but I wasn’t the one who named it. This app is a basically a card game and it tells you when to drink and how many drinks to take, depending on which card shows up on your phone’s screen.

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