13 Best Ways to Not Give Your Phone Number ...


13 Best Ways to Not Give Your Phone Number ...
13 Best Ways to Not Give Your Phone Number ...

So you’ve just met a guy who you know is really into you… but unfortunately, he’s giving you a weird vibe and you’re not into him. You just know in a moment he’s going to ask you for your phone number, and you don’t want to embarrass him by telling him no… what to do? Here are my best ways for turning him down without hurting his feelings, or embarrassing him.

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Avoid the Topic

Until he actually asks you for your phone number, you can just avoid the topic and save yourself the hassle and him the embarrassment.


Simply steer the conversation towards neutral ground whenever the topic veers close to personal contact information. You might share amusing stories or discuss common interests instead. By subtly shifting the focus, you can avoid putting him in an awkward position, making it less likely that he'll feel compelled to ask for your number. It's about maintaining a friendly discourse while keeping certain boundaries intact. Remember, it's okay to be non-committal about sharing personal details until you're completely comfortable with it.


Tell Him to Find You Another Way

With Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, there are a lot of other ways you can tell a guy to contact you without giving him your phone number.


Give Him an Email Address

If you’d rather, give him your email address. Then he can contact you, and you can choose whether or not to contact him. Easy!


Use the “strangers” Excuse

From the time we’re children, our parents have told us not to talk to strangers. If he won’t leave you alone, give him a smile and tell him you’re not supposed to talk to strangers, then turn your back. He’ll get the message.


Use the “safety” Excuse

In many ways, this isn’t actually an excuse at all — it’s the truth. Tell him you’re just not comfortable sharing your phone number with someone you’ve just met.


Ask for His Instead

If he does get up the nerve to ask for your number, and you would rather not give it to him, ask him for his number instead. You don’t actually have to ever call him, but it may get him to leave you be.


Tell Him You Have a Boyfriend/husband

Tell him you’re already spoken for, whether it’s true or not, and he ought to leave you alone.


Tell Him about Your Parents

Tell him that your father and brother(s) wouldn’t appreciate you giving your phone number out to a man they don’t know, and add that they’re both police officers, and see what he says. He’ll probably turn white as a sheet and walk away.


Ask Him to Guess

Tell him if he guesses your phone number, he can use it. He won’t like the idea, of course, but he certainly won’t be able to guess it, either.


Write It Messy

Write your number as sloppily as you can before you fold the paper and hand it to him. If you can, write it in lipstick or eye pencil, which are greasier than pen or pencil and will undoubtedly smudge.


Tell Him a Big, Fat Lie

Tell him you don’t have a phone, because you don’t believe in technology. This won’t work if you have a cell phone and laptop right there in front of you. But it almost always will start another conversation about the evils of the modern world, which he will undoubtedly find boring.


Give Him a Phony

My name is Jennifer, so I always thought it was fun to give these guys the phone number 867-5309, like from the song! Once you add an area code in front of it, it does look like a real number. I only got caught once, because I was cocky enough to actually write “Jenny” before the number. Oops!


Tell Him NO

If all else fails, and he just won’t take the hint and leave you alone, just look him straight in the eye and say NO. It’s not easy, but sometimes the straightforward approach works best.

Can you blame the poor guy for wanting your number? Of course not! You’re attractive, smart, funny… you know it! But you can’t say yes all the time, to everyone, so keep these tips in mind the next time you have to say no. Or do you have a better way of not giving out your phone number? Please let me know… thanks!

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I'm loving number 10! I never thought of that, so hilarious (: There's a number that you can give! It's for the Rejection Hotline. They would call and an automated machine will play 'Hello, this is the rejection hotline....' My friend once gave the the number of pizza hut.. took me a month before I figured it. think he was rejecting me? =P

Sabrina, Well I can imagine how embarrased you felt! :S

Hahahaahha! These were awesome! I have a guy I met that I am sort of interested in but don't want to give my phone # to yet. So whenever the topic comes up I chug whatever I am drinking and ask him if he could get me a refill, thrown on the charm and smile, works every time. Sometimes I dont have a drink so I quickly turn the conversation abck at him and ask about his family or work, etc. Works well! I will give him my # eventually but torturing him is fun! :)

Haha I LOOOOOVE that song!!

GREAT ideas! I was a fan of #6...ask for his number instead, until this one guy told me that "he didn't feel comfortable giving me his number because its the man's responsibility to make the first call". LOL!

give them your number but change the last digit, claim your phone is dead so message/call tomorrow. Then you don't get busted straight away ;)

Very clever....I love it!!!

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