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10 Ways to Spot a Frenemy ...

By Kati

Imagine waiting to see your friend after a terrible day or a really bad first date and really looking forward to curling up with a good film andhaving a laugh together. Perfect, right? Well, what if the friend is actually a frenemy who is more interested in making your life worse as opposed to making you happy? Don't gasp, it's actually pretty normal for most of us to have atleast one bad friend - a frenemy. Here’s my list of the top ten ways to spot your frenemy!

1 Facebook Pictures

Facebook Pictures Photo Credit: rikrak creations

The only pictures she puts up on Facebook are of you with your eyes closed or in an embarrassing pose. The pictures of you looking gorgeous never seem to find their way into any of her albums ever. Sure sounds suspicious!

2 Her Reactions

Her Reactions Photo Credit: Mademoiselle → M

When you gain a few pounds and other friends are genuinely trying to help you, a frenemy will tell you how perfect you are with a satisfied grin on her face or make you feel really guilty and hopeless.

3 Lonely

Lonely Photo Credit: Σταύρος

She doesn’t seem to have many friends and instead of her best friend has her lawyer on speed dial. Some people are just lonely out of depression or because they choose to be, but most have behaved in such a way that their friends don’t want to know them anymore. Be wary!

4 Her Style

Her Style Photo Credit: Triz Designs

Her new earrings look surprisingly like the ones you bought last week and hernew haircut is exactly like yours. She may even insist that she carries it off better. Do you find yourself hiding new purchases or old favorites from her? Frenemy alert!

5 Date Night

Date Night Photo Credit: creativespiritoriginals

She invites thatguy you’ve been crushing on for ages and tells you she will set you up with him. You spend all day picking an outfit and helping her arrange food... and then she "forgets" to invite you.

6 Twitter

Twitter Photo Credit: stevegarfield

You dread reading her twitter feed... who knew she could spill so many of your secrets in only 140 characters?! Hardly a sign of a best friend!

7 Me, Me, Me!

Me, Me, Me! Photo Credit: ♥♡Queen Cleopatra♥♡

She’ll only compliment you by comparing you to her. “Oh, you are so like me...”, "Oh thisdress is gorgeous. I bought the exact same one last week" Actually most things are about her, and she makes sure that you know she is the best!

8 New Man

New Man Photo Credit: emmakisstina

When you introduce your new boyfriend that you are madly in love and very happy with, she takes you to the corner to tell you that of course he’s nice and good enough for YOU, but nowhere near her standards and she would never date a loser like him.

9 Bitchy Comments

Bitchy Comments Photo Credit: Joao Rechena

You spend hours at hers getting ready for that big night out, doing your hair and make up and generally making yourself look hot. And then she tells you that she’s jealous you can pull off the ‘Just got out of bed’ look so easily.

10 Blog

Blog Photo Credit: churl

Herblogcontains details of a mysterious ‘friend’ who she constantly moans about and demeans and that friend seems to have the exact same problems and experiences as you.

Frenemies seem really obvious to the outsider but as the victim, it can be hard to spot them and take action. Just remember that frenemies aren’t worth the time, so shed them off and make some good friends instead. You’ll feel so much better! Have you got a tip for spotting a frenemy, or a frenemy story? Please share them with me!

Top Photo Credit: k-ko

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