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10 Ways to Prevent Depression ...

By Melanie

Is it possible to prevent depression? Of course it is! It’s a cold, depressed world out there and avoiding (or doing) certain things can definitely help you evade depression. If you are like me and you never want to fall into that emotional state of being again, then you should follow these 10 ways to prevent depression ...

10 Reduce the Consumption of Refined Carbohydrates in Order to Avoid Low Blood Sugar

Reduce the Consumption of Refined Carbohydrates in Order to Avoid Low Blood SugarDid you know that the brain prefers having sugar as its source of energy? However, when an individual consumes too much refined sugar or carbohydrates, the blood sugars have a tendency to rise, then fall quickly, which leads to low blood sugar. Symptoms of low blood sugar include anxiety, depression, irritability, headachesand fatigue. Avoid refined carbohydrates and fight depression.

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9 Increase the Omega-3 Oils You Consume

Increase the Omega-3 Oils You ConsumeStudies have shown that omega – 3 oils may help prevent depression. And the best source of Omega-3 oils is fish! These oils are an important component of the membranes of nerve cells. It is important that you support your nerve health. This way, the neurotransmitters will function normally. And if you need another reason to load up on the can really boost your brain power!

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8 Decrease the Intake of Alcohol

Decrease the Intake of AlcoholIf you are trying to prevent depression, then it is important that you decrease your intake of alcohol. Think of it as a bad habit that you need to break. If you drink alcohol excessively, then you should know that it is no good for you. Not only will you benefit from this but the people around you will heave a sigh of relief as well. Alcohol is a major toxin to your body. It increases the cortisol levels in your body and acts as a brain depressant. So do your body a favor and cut down on it.

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7 Decrease the Intake of Caffeine

Decrease the Intake of CaffeineJust like decreasing the intake of alcohol, you should decrease your intake of caffeine. Technically, caffeine is a stimulant. However, several studies show that it can lead to depression. Did you know that caffeine could also cause you to gain weight?! You heard me right! The negative effects of caffeine are even worse when you combine it with sugar.

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6 Increase Your Exercise

Increase Your ExerciseIf you increase your exercise, I bet you will improve your mood! When you exercise, the natural endorphins in your body will be released. That is why your mood improves when you exercise. Some of the best exercises include weight lifting, jogging, bicycling, skiing or walking briskly.

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5 Eat More Vegetables

Eat More VegetablesEating vegetables will help prevent depression. When an individual is depressed, often times, they are deficient in many vitamins and minerals. This includes Vitamins B6 and Vitamins B12. Vitamins are important for processing the neurotransmitters in your body. So load on those veggies. A great way to make sure you are getting you share of vitamins and minerals is to eat saladseveryday. They are tasty and incredibly healthy!

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4 Go out into the Sun

Go out into the SunIt is important that you go out into the sun. Not just during the winter months, but during the summer months as well. Just do not sit in the sun too long. The sun will give you Vitamin D. If you do not have enough vitamin D, then it can cause cancer, weak bones and even depression. Don't forget to apply sunscreen to prevent damage to your skin.

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3 Elder Berries

Elder BerriesBerries in general are known to be one of the best foods for your skin and body. Have you ever heard of elder berries though? It is a fruit that comes from the magical elder bush. Consuming a teaspoon of elder berry tincture each day can help improve the immunity as well as your mood.

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2 Linden Blossoms

Linden BlossomsThis is the most popular winter tonic in the world. Placing a big spoonful of honey in the drink will make it even better. Strain and heat it for some added delight!

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1 Sauerkraut

SauerkrautI do not know about you, but I like sauerkraut! Consuming this or any other naturally fermented vegetables, including Kimchee will help you out. A small serving each day from the starting of December to the end of March will help prevent the fluas well!

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Lastly, let's not forget organ meats. This is actually an age old secret to staying healthy. Liver is powerful in sources of Vitamin D as well as Vitamin A. It is also powerful in Iron and many other minerals that are needed to keep depression away. It also helps to strengthen the immunity.

So, what do you think? Do you have any other tips to help prevent depression?

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