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10 Ways to Fight Depression ...

By Melanie

Fight depression! Feelings of sadness, crying all the time, feeling as if you are no good in this world – those are all signs of depression. If you or someone you know is showing these signs, then you should find some help. Below, I am going to give you 10 ways to fight depression.

10 Learn to Chill

Learn to ChillFirst of all, it is important that you learn how to chill out. If you are a new mother, then I would like to tell you a fact that I read in a magazine. Studies have shown that newborn babies bond better with their mother when they are calm. You should spend at least fifteen minutes each day relaxing.

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9 Proper Amount of Sleep

Proper Amount of SleepIt is important that you get the proper amount of sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep each night will help you fight depression. You should not over sleep and you should certainly not under sleep. When you go to bed each night, set your alarm clock to eight hours of sleep.

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8 Set Time to Exercise

Set Time to ExerciseExercise may not sound so fun to you right now, but you should do it! Stop saying you will and just set a time aside to exercise and do it. Exercise will get your blood flowing and will help you feel better. I have noticed that exercise does make me feel better. Are you with me on this one?

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7 Don’t Expect to Be Perfect

Don’t Expect to Be PerfectYou should not expect to be the perfect worker, perfect parent or perfect anything. There is no such thing as someone being perfect. Don’t let little things in life get you down. So what if you left the house with your shirt inside out, no one is perfect. Have this attitude and sport it around.

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6 Plan to Get Help

Plan to Get HelpIf you have been depressed for some time now, then you should not fight it by yourself. You should plan to get help. In fact, you need to get help. This is especially true if you have suicidal thoughts. There are many different ways to seek help. There are many numbers online that you can dial.

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5 Therapy

TherapySometimes, the best way to fight depression would be to go to therapy. There are many therapists in your area that are experienced with dealing with depression and they do not mind sitting down to speak with you. They have open eyes, open ears and most of all, an open heart or they would not be there in the first place.

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4 Confront the Fears You Have

Confront the Fears You HaveDo you have fears? Then you should confront them. Sit down with your husband or someone close to you and make a list of at least three things that frighten you the most. These can be emotional concerns or anxieties.

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3 Be Flexible

Be FlexibleIf you are a first time mother, then you should learn to be flexible. That shower and cup of coffee you were used to having each morning may not come until noon. Don’t panic about how chaotic your life has become, just appreciate the unpredictability.

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2 Join a Group

Join a GroupIf you are having trouble fighting depression, then you may want to think about joining a group. When you join a group, there will be many others that you can speak to. Those individuals are just like you, they are dealing with depression and trying to fight it. You may find your best friend here.

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1 Turn to a Friend

Turn to a FriendIf you are trying to fight depression, you should not do it alone. You need a friend that you can rely on. This person to rely on can be your husband, mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin or best friend. Speak with your friend and tell them what you are feeling.

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Fight depression right now! The world is a very depressed world, I understand that, but you do not want to be another statistic. I know when I was dealing with depression, all of the tips I just gave you are tips I used for myself. Do you have any other tips you would like to share with me? don't forget to visit our Twitter account!

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