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10 Easy Ways to Relieve Anxiety ...

By Melanie

In this day and age, anxiety is everywhere. Who here has not experiences some type of anxiety in their life? It’s something that is hard to get away from as we live in this stressful life. Below, I am going to give you 10 easy ways to relieve anxiety.

10 Play with Your Children

Play with Your Children Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

In order to get over my anxiety and kick things to the side for a bit, I play with my little girl. Isn’t she adorable in this picture? She is the world to me and is so innocent. As long as I have her, then I can conquer the world and let nothing bring me down.

9 Go Fishing

This is something I like to do with my family and it is a great way to relieve anxiety. When you are fishing, you do not have to think about anything other than what is on the end of your hook.

8 Go Swimming

Go Swimming Photo Credit: MelanieFitzpatrick

I love to swim. My little girl is just learning how to swim and she’s so cute. I live in Florida, so getting to the water is easy to do. I also have access to the beaches, but I do not let the little one go in the water. It’s fun to pick up shells and it is a great past time.

7 Go out on a Boat

Go out on a Boat Photo Credit: BasL

Do you have a boat? Going out on a boat can be very relaxing. You should take some friends along with you and have a boat party. Stay safe and don’t drink and drive!

6 Go Enjoy the Races

I love fast cars and it’s a great past time for me every Saturday. My family also loves to go to it. When you’re watching the cars go around the track, you tend to forget about any troubles you may have at home.

5 Just Smile

Just Smile Photo Credit: kia's r kid

My mom always told me that simply by smiling you will be happy. Smiling releases happiness into your body! Scientifically, this is true, so try smiling!

4 Exercise

When you feel some anxiety coming on, go exercise! If you do not have a pass to the gym, then just go for a jog or walk in a safe area. Perhaps you should invest in a treadmill to walk/run on when you are stressed.

3 Take a Shower

Take a Shower Photo Credit: ~FreeBirD®~

When you take a shower, imagine that you are washing away the anxiety. As silly as this sounds, it always worked for me! When you come out of the shower, you will feel relaxed.

2 Watch a Movie

Do you have some movies that you need to catch up on? Perhaps you have some favorite movies that you would like to watch again? Watch a movie and see how you forget about the stressful things in life.

1 Solve the Problem

Solve the Problem Photo Credit: breeleed

Despite it all, if it can be solved, I will solve it. I am the type of person that solves problems when they come about. Remember that there is a solution to everything.

At times, life may seem harsh, but it does not have to be. Instead of focusing on all of the negative things in life, you should focus on the good things. If I am able to do this, then I know you can. So, what are you stressing over?

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