10 Tips on Staying Away from Disturbances While at Work ...


10 Tips on Staying Away from Disturbances While at Work ...
10 Tips on Staying Away from Disturbances While at Work ...

How many of you are prone to disturbances? Every time you sit downto work, you find yourself getting sidetracked. Then, when you look at the clock, you find that hours have passed by and no work has been done! I believe that you need to look at my 10 tips on staying away from disturbances while at work!

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Turn off Your Phone

Turn off Your Phone When you are at work, you should turn off your personal phone. Besides, when you are on someone else’s time, you should not be taking personal calls. If you are on your own time, then it is okay to turn on the phone at home and check voice mail ever so often.


Turn off Your Messenger

Turn off Your Messenger Photo Credit: aranarth

I do not know about you, but when I have my messenger on, I end up talking for hours when I am trying to get something done. I have gotten to the point where I do not even have messenger open on my laptopanymore.


Avoid Checking Email

Avoid Checking Email Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

Unless you run a troubleshooting business, then there is no need to check email. I run a business – ContentWritersRevenue, but when I am writing, I turn it off and check it after every 5 articles. If something is not important, then I wait until later to respond.


Go to a Quiet Room

Go to a Quiet Room Photo Credit: iklash/

Can you possibly work in a room that is full of people talking? In order to avoid distractions, it is important that you go to a quiet room. This way, you will not keep getting interrupted by talking.


Take the Dog out Right before You Start Working

Take the Dog out Right before You Start Working Photo Credit: Nicoze

Since I am a freelance writer, I know that there are many of you that work at your home. If you havea dog, make sure you take the dog out before you start working at your desk. This way, you will not be interrupted while you are in the middle of work.


Keep Moving to Your Desk

When you have arrived at your office, if someone tries to talk to you, keep walking. Ask them to walk with you if it is important. Don’t stop and talk to anyone, you are a personof business!


Get Organized

Stop complaining of how you have so much to do. Get organized! If you are not organized, then this could actually be a big distraction. Avoid working in an area that is messy. In fact, take the time to put up some cute accessories on your desk so that you are motivated to work.


Work in a Cool Environment

Work in a Cool Environment Photo Credit: PKMousie

If you work at home, then you have control over the temperature. If you do not like the heat, then don’t work in the heat. Sweating while trying to write can be a big distraction. Make sure you set the temperature down low.


Put a “do Not Disturb” Sign on Your Door

Put a “do Not Disturb” Sign on Your Door Photo Credit: daviderwin

If you put that 'do not disturb' sign on your office door, then maybe you could avoid a couple of friendly knocks. This is for those of you that are able to close your office doors. If you have co-workers coming to you just for a chat, then put a sign up! You can always catch up with them during a break orat lunch.


Keep Your Technology Going

Have you ever been interrupted by a computer freezing up and losing all of your files? Printer running out of ink? Keep up with your computer. Save all of those files. Run virus checks, make sure yourinternet is secure and keep a check on your printers ink.

You see, those are 10 tips that can help you avoid distractions altogether. If you have children like me, then this can be a whole other blog. I am just lucky that I do not get distracted easily and I can multi-task. So, do you find you waste more time chatting online than doing your work?

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