8 Tips for a Freelance Writer ...


8 Tips for a Freelance Writer ...
8 Tips for a Freelance Writer ...

As founder and being a full-time freelance writer for many years, I believe I qualify to give you 8 tips for a freelance writer. I am going to think of you as a beginner and give you some beginner tips.

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Find Some Clients

In order to be successful, you will need to find your clients. I first started by going to freelancer.com. This site has many people who are in need of writers. Each week, I also put an ad on there for new writers. I also accept beginners. The pay I have is cheap right now, but when customers start to roll, the pay is going to be great.

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Hi, there. i really like this article and i was wandering if you accept foreigners in your site. because im really into beginning in this area, as im a journalist student, but im brazilian... (:

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