7 Ways to Become a Better Writer ...


7 Ways to Become a Better Writer ...
7 Ways to Become a Better Writer ...

Writing skills, in my opinion, are an essential part of life. They’re skills that I think we should all nurture. If you improve your writing skills, you will improve your communication skills. And life is all about communicating.

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Be Concise

The best way to be clear and concise is to adopt a plain writing style. Avoid being too wordy and use plain language that everyone can understand. Convoluted sentences will only confuse readers. Keep it simple and keep everybody happy.


Give Good Grammar

Using good grammar will make your writing seem more polished. It will also make your work easier to read. As a writer, learning proper grammar will make it easier to construct sentences and paragraphs. If you think that your grammar needs working on, invest in a good technical writing hand guide.


Have a Plan

Plan what you want to say. Ask yourself what the purpose of your story will be. Decide on all your major points of conversation and sub-points. Having an outline will help you stay on topic as well as making the writing process easier.


Read the Works of Others

Read as much as you can. Reading the works of distinguished writers is a great way to improve your own skills. You can learn a range of writing styles and techniques, as well as enhancing your own vocabulary. If you want to be the best writer that you can be, then start by learning from the best.


Revise and Review

Constantly revise and review your work. Proofread your writing and edit it carefully. Try reading your work out loud to make sure that your writing flows. Being able to pinpoint weaknesses in your own writing is an important part of improving your writing skills.


Accept Feedback

Allow others to read your work. Ask a trusted peer or colleague for an honest evaluation of your writing. In most cases, other people will be able to point out faults that we may have overlooked. Remember to accept constructive criticism graciously. Responding to feedback will only improve your skills as a writer.


Write More Often

Try writing every day, even if you don’t feel like it. It doesn’t have to be a lot, or anything prolific. Just make sure that you are practicing a good writing technique. Once you get into the habit of writing well, it will be harder to break. Practicing your writing is the only way that you will improve.

How important do you think writing skills are? Do have any more tips or tricks that you’d like to add?

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