7 Ways to Boost Creativity ...


7 Ways to Boost Creativity ...
7 Ways to Boost Creativity ...

Creativity is one of the greatest tools that humans have. While creativity is a broad term, everyone can be creative in their own unique way. Boosting your creativity can help improve various aspects of your life. Below are a few tips to get you started.

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Live Well

Being creative is all about having a healthy mind. And the best way to a healthy mind is through a healthy body. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, and try and live as balanced a life as possible. Nourish and nurture your body to make the most of your creative muscle.


Broaden Your Horizons

Step outside of the box and challenge your current creative process. For example, if you are a writer, take up painting (and vice versa). Read about a topic that you normally wouldn’t be interested in. Learn something new, no matter how small or trivial. It is all about keeping a healthy and active mind.


Stray from Routine

While routines help in streamlining day to day activities, they can also stifle creativity. When you get into a habit or routine, it can be hard to break free. Don’t be afraid to make spur of the moment decisions. Variety is the spice of life, and this also applies to your creative process.


Meet New People

Expand your current circle of friends and engage with people who have different lives and points of view. This can be great way to boost your creativity. Listen to what they have to say, share your thoughts, and dissect meaning from the interaction. Trying to understand something from all angles is an important part of any creative process.



No matter what your chosen field, practice your art every day. It can simply be sketching a few lines or scrawling a few words. This will help in training your brain's creative muscles. It’s all about challenging your brain to be more creative.


Stress Less

Stress is one sure fire way to ruin any creative process. Creativity is a positive process, and any stress or worry negates this. Find a calming or relaxation technique to get you through these times. You will find that your capacity to be creative is greater when you worry less.


Be Confident

Like most things in life, confidence is the key to being creative. You will find it hard to move forward with projects if you lack the confidence to do so. Creativity is about challenging current ways of doing things, and this requires a positive outlook. You need to be confident in your creative process.

There are countless other ways to boost your creativity. These are only a few, and different people may find that different techniques work better for them. What are your key tips to being creative?

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