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7 Short Cuts You Might Want to Try ...

By Lyndsie

Maybe it's because my hair's relatively short, more likely it's because I am totally in love with androgyny, but either way, I adore short haircuts on girls. With the right bone structure and facial shape, short haircuts look so cute. Still, it takes a lot of daring to go short. With the weather already cresting into the 90s, now is the best time ever to try a cropped look. If you think you might want to dare this kind of style, then here are some great short cuts you might want to try!

1 The Pixie Cut

One short cut you might want to try is definitely the classic pixie cut. This cut is so ridiculously adorable, I can't even stand it! Not only will you look like a lovely gamine girl, but this cut will draw attention to your cheekbones, the line of your jaw, your eyes, and the slop of your neck. There are tons of variations on this cut – but that's for a different post altogether!

2 Short and Shaggy

The once-popular shag has gotten a new, edgy, modern twist, making it another incredible short cut. It's kind of like a 2011 version of the mop top as well. I know that might not sound very attractive, but trust me, you won't end up looking like a Beatle. On the contrary, this cut is super cute and sexy in a piquant kind of way.

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3 The Bob

If you don't want to go super short, then you have to go for the bob. Again, there are tons of variations on this cut – and, also again, that's another post entirely! The point is, not only is this a short cut you might want to try, you can also find a version that will suit your face, features, and hair type. The bob is the perfect choice for a girl who doesn't want a really short crop, but wants to try something shorter than what she has.

4 The Bedhead Crop

If you're the type of girl who likes to roll out of bed, run your fingers through your hair, and look fabulous, then this is the cut for you. This short cut contains a lot of long layers on the top, so you can really tousle it up. This style is too cute for words, and you can really work with different textures. Plus, its versatility allows you to style it in tons of different ways.

5 The Boy-Chic Crop

You have a pair of boyfriend jeans, you own a boyfriend cardigan, so why not try your boyfriend's haircut, too? Okay, that's a slight exaggeration – you won't really have your boyfriend's hair, but the boy-chic crop is pretty adorable. It revolves around a part that veers way off center, and specializes in a few sexy strands of hair flopping over your eyes. Yum!

6 The Side Swept Sweep

The side swept sweep is definitely a short cut you might want to try. I absolutely love this look, which features side swept bangs and ends that flip out and up. The look is incredibly cute, especially all those little flips. Plus, the bangs can draw attention to your eyes and your cheekbones, in addition to masking a broad forehead.

7 The Modern Mohawk

Yoanna House, my favorite ANTM winner ever, first turned me onto this look, and I still love it. Short on the sides and long on top, this look is modern, edgy, and extremely versatile. I'd love to try this look myself, but I don't think I have the jawbone to pull it off. Still, I adore the way it looks on other women!

These are just a few of the short cuts you might want to try. I bet there are lots of others out there. So many of them are absolutely adorable, and worth trying out, because remember, your hair will always grow back. Do any of you think you'd like to try an edgy, short cut for the summer?

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