9 Cool-Sounding Words to Add to Your Vocabulary ...


9 Cool-Sounding Words to Add to Your Vocabulary ...
9 Cool-Sounding Words to Add to Your Vocabulary ...

Every day is a good day to learn a new word or two, especially if a certain language is not your mother tongue and, as such, requires extra work. Now, the ones speaking English since birth aren’t off the hook either as there will always be some cool sounding words you’ve never heard of before. Those words might come handy one day and using them in the right place and the right time could earn you different titles like, charming, witty, funny, interesting or all of the above. Well, today, I’m listing these 9 cool sounding words I personally find funny and usable in hopes that you’ll find them as interesting and worth-knowing as I do:

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Definition: To trick somebody into doing something.
If you, like me, know nothing about cars and decide to get a used one, the salesmen could probably bamboozle you into getting a piece of junk nobody else would. But don’t worry; you can bamboozle somebody, too. Bamboozle or get bamboozled, the choice is all yours to make, but definitely add this word to your vocabulary because it sounds really interesting.



Definition: Word used to describe excitement.
Why use, “Wow!” or, “Whoa!” when you can use, “Cowabunga!”? Now, if you used to be a fan of Ninja Turtles and Michelangelo, you’re probably smiling right now, trying to remember all the situations in which he used one of this interesting catchphrases and cool sounding words like “Cowabunga, dude!”



Definition: Nebula is something cloudy but its real definition actually depends of the context in which it is being used.

Yup, girls, this word doesn’t only sound nice, it actually has more meanings and applications than all other cool sounding words here. You see, when an astronomers mentions nebula, he’s referring to a cloudy mixture of gas and dust floating around the stars. To a doctor, nebula is a cloudy spot that should be treated and you can even use this word to describe that white powdery spot you’ll have if you use spray-on medications and powders. Nebula phobia is the fear of fog while something nebulous stands for something cloudy, vague or imprecisely defined.



Definition: To torture somebody by keeping the object of desire away from its reach.

There is a whole bunch of things that could be tantalizing because it’s basically a fancier and, in some cases, even sexier word for tempting. You’ll often find food being described as tantalizing; a woman or her features can also be described that way. But let’s not forget the other forms of this elegant, delicious and sexy word like – “tantalizer”, meaning the one who is tempting or tantalizing and “tantalization”, which defines the state of being tantalized. Now, this one just might be the sexier, most exciting of all cool sounding words here but do keep reading, there’s a lot more!



Definition: Interesting, unusual synonym for arrogant.
Use it when you want to describe somebody as arrogant but you don’t want to sound rude or too judgmental. This word definitely deserves its place on the list of cool sounding words as it is so fun that you’ll quickly forget its not-so-fun true meaning. Now, let’s say you want to play Cupid and are trying to hook up two of your really good friends. One of them is a bit arrogant and you simply can’t hold that information back because it might affect your friendship with the other one. Well, don’t wait any longer, say hoity-toity! It doesn’t sound as nearly as bad and you’ve played your part well and been completely honest.



Definition: Think heated debates, carnivals or family reunions! Fuss.
When things get chaotic and you don’t know where to look or turn first, you can say it’s all one big mess or you can decide to sound more interesting and describe it as hullabaloo. This one is just one of the cool sounding words but it’s also one of the funniest, most interesting sounding ones. Fuss sounds chaotic to me, mess sounds a bit negative and hullabaloo… well it sounds like something I’d willingly take part in.



Definition: Old-style gun or a person that isn’t very smart or skillful.
Well, I definitely wouldn’t know how to describe this old weapon but, from I’ve read about it, I’d say it looks something like a very crude cross between a shotgun and a musket. Now, a blunderbuss as a character feature is something completely different and I think the most correct way to use it is to wait until you’re one hundred percent sure the person in question is so clumsy or dimwitted, that any other word you might think of using can’t describe it.



Definition: A person without scruples, moral values and principles.
Do I really need to explain how to use it? If you enjoy politics and conversations whose purpose is to talk trash about your least favorite politicians, you’ll definitely know how to put this funny word into a good use. If a person you’re talking about cares about personal success only or is willing to walk over dead bodies just to accomplish its goals, then you can definitely refer to it as the snollygoster.



Definition: Something basic, pure or fundamental.
Well, my ladies, this is the last one for today so hope you’ll find it useful. Quintessence of something presumes that something is pure, basic form and is a cornerstone or, better yet, a fundament. When somebody’s actions or even eyes reflect quintessence of evil, that means you can literally feel pure evil deep inside this person’s soul. Some flavors could also contain quintessence of other dominant sub-flavors.

Do you have some of your own popular, interesting, cool sounding words you like to use often? Which ones? I’d say this list is far from complete so add your fav cool sounding words, tell me how and why you like to use them because we could all use an update of our vocabularies.

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