8 Jobs You Can do from Home ...

I started working from home seven years ago, when my youngest daughter was born. I couldn’t handle the idea of putting her in day care, so I investigated every single work-from-home opportunity I could find. So many of them were scams, but a few weren’t, and I still do them to this day. Here’s my list of the eight jobs you can do from home…

1. Writing and/or Photography

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Photo Credit: Lucas Bernal

If you’re a journalist, copywriter, or blogger, there’s no real reason you can’t work from home, especially with the internet at your disposal! You can research, conduct interviews, write, and send for editing from home, as long as you have a bunny-quick internet connection, a good cell phone, and (of course) the right research sources. Take your own photos to sell with your articles, too! Or be a photog on your own, to shoot sports, kids, weddings, and more!

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