10 Best School Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight ...


10 Best School Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight ...
10 Best School Lunch Ideas for Losing Weight ...

So here are some school lunch ideas to keep in mind this semester, that are delicious, easy to take with you and that won't ruin your weight loss plans.

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Fresh Fruits and Veggies

We all know that an apple a day keep the doctor away, but it also helps keep the pounds off. Don’t care for apples? Try having carrot sticks, grapes, blueberries, or cherry tomatoes for lunch. Experiment with whatever fruits and veggies are in season — you might be surprised by what you like. And aren't these the best if you are really trying to lose weight?


Got Yogurt?

Not the kid stuff in a tube, but actual real yogurt. Check the ingredients on the back to make sure it’s not loaded with sugar, or worse, high fructose corn syrup. There are dozens of flavors and styles, so you’re sure to find something you'd love to take for lunch to school with you.


Bake It

I love barbeque chips, but they’re loaded with fat and sodium. But I switched to Baked Lays barbeque, which are just as delicious, and much better for me. And it's such a delicious lunch to have at school that won't destroy my weight loss plans.


Skip the Soda

Water's so much better for you than soda! Experts say that by switching just one soda to water every day, you can eliminate more than 90,000 calories every year. Just imagine how much weight you'll lose when having water with your lunch at school?


Go for the Green

Try a fresh salad , but skip the ranch or Italian dressing and leave out the croutons. I know you might want to have something tastier for lunch between those classes at school, but remember about your weight loss plans, and it'll make your salad taste 10 times better!


Try the Tuna

Use a low-fat mayo and chunk white tuna on whole wheat or a low-carb wrap topped with lettuce.


Get Squirrely

A handful of unsalted nuts is high in protein but not nearly as fattening as chips or buttered popcorn. These make a great school lunch that's so beneficial for your body and and thus good for your weight loss!



Lunchables are very convenient, but are loaded with fat and sodium. Make your own by dicing lean turkey or ham with low-fat crackers and cheese. Keep these in handy little baggies so you can grab them for your school lunch and still keep to your diet.


Say Cheese!

Cottage cheese, that is. Most grocery stores carry single-size servings of cottage cheese, which is low in the “bad” fats and full of good stuff. Doesn't it sound like a perfect lunch to you? I just love my cottage cheese lunch which is so yummy yet so great for weight loss!


Don’t Forget the Treat!

If you’re craving your favorite candy bar, don’t pack a full-sized bar when going to school. Most candy maker offer baby-sized versions, so keep those handy and pack one of those instead, to make sure your weight loss goes as planned.

So next time you’re in a rush, open the fridge, grab a few of these delicious yet light on calories foods, that don’t break your weight loss plan and have a great day!

What yummy but healthy things do you pack for lunch? I know there’s a lot of other great lunch-worthy, weight loss-friendly items we can brown-bag for school! Please share!

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i love tuna also...just have to remember not to eat too much of it, b/c of the mercury poisoning stuff...actually had a friend who got that from tuna...but it's not stopping me from having it a couple times a week with some lemon juice! yummy!

Well the tuna idea is good I love eating tuna moyo sandwich!! The part regarding wather is so much true. I find my self better drinking water than soda. In less time soda fattens you so much! And regarding the treath every sunday I love having a baby version of mars or snickers! At least smaller portions means smaller amount of fats!

I love the Tuna idea. It's a quick idea for lunch that I use from time to time. I like tuna (but not in oil) with some lemon juice and fresh mushrooms. It's a very light lunch and can become a very quick dinner also especially if you are on a diet.

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