How to Lose 12 Pound in 30 Days ...

For those of us who are “metabolically gifted” and naturally slim, ** losing weight seems so easy**, really. Eat a lot and spend your evenings in front of TV - and you’ll gain a couple of pounds. Start eating less and join the gym - and in a month or so you’ll get thinner. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

1. Why It’s so Hard for Us, Women to Lose Weight …

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Well, unfortunately, for most of us, this conventional weight-loss approach simply does not work.

It might work when we are still young, when our metabolism is on its peak and when all hormones are functioning perfectly, given that we are genetically predisposed to be skinny. However, as we age, our bodies get through inevitable hormonal and metabolic changes.

Generous amounts of fat, which women usually start accumulating by their mid-30s, serve as the second estrogen secretor and provide additional nutrients which female bodies need during and after the menopause.

This is why women have such a hard time trying to lose weight on conventional low-calorie, low-fat programs. We are naturally predisposed to gain weight in our mid-life, only to start slowly losing excess pounds after the age of 55.

Well, nature seems to be unfair to us, women. Few of us want to carry additional poundage around our hips and bellies and wait until our “golden years” to shed it off… Is there a practical and healthy solution?

In fact, women of any age can successfully lose weight with a right nutritional approach. The key to get rid of female fat stores is in controlling the production of insulin - the hormone responsible for converting dietary carbohydrates into body fat. Out of the three major food groups - proteins, carbohydrates, and fats - only carbohydrates are not strictly necessary for our survival.

Our bodies can generate ample amounts of energy using just fats and proteins, instead of burning carbs. Traditional diets of many healthy tribes and societies, including the nomadic Mongols and Masai, or the strictly carnivorous Inuit, do not feature any sugar, grains, fruits, or processed foods - the richest sources of carbohydrates in our conventional menu.

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