31 Ways to Put on Weight Fast ...


31 Ways to Put on Weight Fast ...
31 Ways to Put on Weight Fast ...

I've been writing a lot lately about different ways to lose weight, but what if you're just the opposite? What if you're too thin and need to gain weight? For some people, this is really a problem and just eating fast food is not the solution - just as with weight loss, weight gain has to have the right mix of good food and exercise. I've got two close girlfriends who have a hard time gaining weight and keeping it on, so I asked them for their best tips for putting it on fast.

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Add Calories ...

My friend Lauren is naturally thin and has a hard time gaining weight, but one of her greatest tips is to add five hundred calories to your daily caloric intake. Five hundred calories isn't too much, so she assures me that you won't feel too full or sick, but those added calories beyond what you normally eat will help you add on weight. A big bar of good chocolate or a very thick milk shake could do the trick! Check out e-How's post on How to Gain Weight for more examples of foods with more calories and WikiHow.com to learn how to start the weight gaining process! Their advice is brilliant, but formula they use to calculate how many calories you need per day seems to be complicated, so I'd use this easy formula instead.


Drink Sodas ...

My friend Jessica, who's naturally super-slim, adds full-calorie sodas to her daily routine when she needs to put some pounds on. Jessica tells me that just a few sodas adds several hundred calories per day! If you're interested in healthier calories, I would try adding fruit juice. I love fruit juice, and it is high in calories, so it would help you bulk up if you needed it. Check out "Food and Fitness" to see why we put on weight when drinking soda. And don't forget to scroll through their great ideas on how to substitute soda with fruit and yet gain the same weight!


Eat Later at Night...

Diet experts are always saying to stop eating after 7:00 PM to lose weight, so how about eating later to gain weight? I think it stands to reason that you'll gain more weight if you eat later. Well, according to this post from MSN, you will. So, if I wanted to gain weight, I would eat dinner late and I'd have a late-night high calorie snack too to help me do it.


It's all about timing and what you consume. If your goal is to bulk up, adding a nutritious, calorie-dense snack before bed could contribute positively to your weight gain plan. Think peanut butter on whole grain toast, a bowl of granola, or even a small size smoothie. These options give your body extra energy to work with overnight. Now, while it might feel a bit unconventional, remember, this strategy is for those looking to add, not subtract pounds. So, munch on those extra calories without guilt and watch the scale go up. Just make sure it's healthy weight you're gaining!


Lift Weights ...

It doesn't exactly make sense to exercise if you're trying to gain weight, but I'm talking about weight lifting, not cardio. I know that weight training is a great way to add muscle to your body, and adding muscle not only makes me look better, it makes me weigh more! So, if I were trying to gain weight fast, I'd add more weight lifting to my exercise routine.


Weight lifting is an effective way to increase muscle mass and, consequently, weight gain. Not only can it help you add muscle mass quickly, but it also helps to strengthen and tone your body. Additionally, weight lifting can help to improve your posture, balance, and coordination. Studies have shown that weight lifting can also help to improve your overall health, including reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis and other chronic conditions. When it comes to weight gain, weight lifting can be an effective and safe way to reach your goals.


Eat More Protein ...

If you're trying to gain weight, one of my suggestions would be to increase the amount of protein you're eating, especially if you're weight training. Protein helps me build muscle, and that makes my body more toned and strong-looking while also raising the numbers on the scale!

The most common protein rich foods that you can find in any grocery store are the following, just to name a few:

Soy Milk
Peanut Butter
Lean Meats, Fish, and Poultry
Beans, Tofu, Lentils, and other Legumes
Grains, including bread and pasta
Nuts and Seeds

And I am currently working on an ultimate protein rich foods list, since the ones I found online were not that great ... So, stay tuned for that! :)


Increasing your protein intake doesn't just help in muscle building but also aids in feeling fuller for longer periods, which is essential to avoid unnecessary snacking on less nutritious options. It's key to incorporate a variety of protein sources to ensure a balanced intake of amino acids. For those with a sweet tooth, you can opt for protein bars or add whey protein powders to your smoothies. Foods like quinoa and chia seeds are also protein-packed alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. Remember, pairing your protein with regular exercise will synergistically promote healthy weight gain.


Add Oil and Butter...

I love cooking with oil, but I try to avoid it because I'm trying to lose weight, not gain it. However, if I were trying to gain weight, I would add more oil when I'm cooking my favorite foods. Just because someone's trying to gain weight doesn't mean they have to be unhealthy - I think olive oil is great for you as well as organic butter! Plus, I think those extra calories could help you put on quite some pounds.

Fats have more than twice as many calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein (9 calories per gram vs. 4 calories per gram), so foods that are 100% fat have the most calories per volume. Olive oil, which is pure fat, contains 1920 calories per cup. Any food that has a lot of fat in it will have a high calorie density.
- Suggest an expert from EveryDiet.com

So, guys, you heard the woman (or man), the more oil you use when cooking, the more "high calorie density" you'll get on your plate!


Eat High-Calorie Snacks ...

My friend Lauren is constantly snacking on high-calorie treats throughout the day so she isn't too thin. Some of her favorites include a bagel with full-fat cream cheese, cheese spread on crackers, or a peanut butter sandwich. Lauren thinks that, by snacking all day on calories, she'll keep her fast metabolism from burning through all her calories. Check out 20 High Calorie Foods - Get Fat Fast … for more information.


Drink More Dairy ...

I just love milk! A big, frosty glass of chocolate milk is one of my favorite treats, but it is high in calories. If I were trying to gain weight, I'd drink milk all day long! Not just milk, but milkshakes and high-calorie smoothies would make delicious ways to add calories for me.


Eat Three Meals per Day ...

Many people skip meals to lose weight, but if I were gaining weight, I'd make sure to never skip a meal. My friend Jessica tries her best to eat three solid meals each day. This way, she doesn't have to worry about getting hungry and burning through reserved calories in her body. Although, some experts say it's when we skip meals, we give out body a signal to start "storing" the fats, but I think that's only true for people with extra weight. If you are as skinny as my friend, looks like a skipped meal does the exact opposite - she would get even skinnier, as her body would be using up the fat that she has to get some energy. And what are your observations?


Increase Portion Size ...

I'm always cutting back on portions because I'm trying to lose weight, but if I were trying to gain, it would be no-holds-barred eating time! I would eat larger portions of my favorite foods to help me gain weight. I always eat larger portions when I eat off a larger plate, so I'd serve myself food on a bigger plate if I wanted to gain. And I wouldn't hesitate to go for an extra scoop when my plate is empty :)


Try Forbidden Foods ...

If I were suddenly naturally thin, I wouldn't think twice about eating all those foods I'd previously avoided. This would be my time to eat all those foods I'd been dying to try forever! I'd go out and eat sumptuous desserts, yummy treats, and lots of high-calorie goodies that others try to stay away from. But I'd try to stay away from junk foods as they are extremely bad for the body.


Choose Your Carbs Carefully ...

I've heard that bread, pasta, and other carbs can be your biggest foe in losing weight, so I'd bet they'd be your best friend in gaining it. If I were trying to gain weight fast, I would choose calorie-heavy, dense carbs, like rye, and smear them with decadent butter or cream cheese. Check out this Good Carbs Guide to see if you are stalking on the right ones!


Cut out Watery Veggies ...

I know that vegetables are great filler foods, especially ones that contain a lot of water. Instead of choosing water-filled vegetables like celery and cucumber, I would choose starchy vegetables that contain a lot of calories per bite like corn, carrots, and potatoes.


By switching to starchy veggies, you're also packing in fiber and essential nutrients, alongside the calories. These veggies will help you feel full and satisfied, while also providing the dense caloric intake you're after. Don't forget to prepare them in healthy ways, such as roasting or baking to avoid excess oil. Further, incorporating these into your meals adds variety and helps to create a balanced diet, even as you aim to gain weight. Remember that though your focus might be on calories, nutritional quality is still paramount for your overall health.


Eat the Right Fruits ...

Just like veggies, a lot of fruits that I love contain lots of water. That makes them great for weight losers, but I bet that they opposite is true for weight gainers. So, I would swap my watery fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe for dense fruits like bananas ... or even dried fruit! Check out this Table of Calories in Fruit to see which of your favorite fruit are the most loaded in calories!


Stir in the Cream ...

I just love heavy cream in everything, but it is so high in calories! So, if my goal were to gain, weight, I would add lots of cream to things. A yummy latte with cream, delicious creamy bisques, hearty oatmeal with cream poured over ... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!


Get Plenty of Rest ...

My friend Lauren's nutritionist told her that, in addition to eating more calories and weight training, she had to make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Lauren says that your body builds muscle while you sleep, so you'll gain muscle weight faster if you rest well. See how you can get a better sleep with this advice from 11 Tips to Help You Sleep Better …


Add a Supplement ...

I've seen lots of herbal remedies and dietary supplements on the market to help you gain muscle and weight. If I were trying to gain weight, I would go out and talk to an herbalist at a quality establishment to figure out exactly what supplements were right for me.


When considering supplements, it's crucial to be informed about both their benefits and potential side effects. A knowledgeable herbalist can guide you to natural and safe options such as whey protein, creatine, and various amino acids that support muscle growth. However, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen, especially if you have underlying health conditions. Remember, while supplements can aid in weight gain, they should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and proper exercise program for the best results.


Stay Consistent ...

My friend Jessica says that one of her biggest problems with maintaining a healthy weight is staying consistent. She'll eat bigger portions and workout for several weeks, and then fall off the wagon. Once she goes back to her old habits, she loses all the progress she's made. So, she suggests making consistency a goal in gaining weight.


Keep a Food Journal ...

I love keeping a food journal for weight loss, and I'm betting it would work just as well for weight gaining. I write down everything I eat, the calories if I can find them, and how much I exercise. Keeping track of all I do really keeps me accountable! Check out these tips on How to Keep A Food Journal in order to start.


See a Doctor ...

I saved the best tip for last! If I were dealing with any weight issues - gaining or losing - I would see my doctor for a good overall physical. I don't feel comfortable making any drastic changes in my diet plan without a good checkup from my physician. So, my advice is to see a doctor and make sure there's no medical reasons behind the difficulty gaining weight.


Double Your Fat...

One easy way to put on weight without really trying is just to double your fat at each meal. Instead of portioning out a serving of nuts, add in two. Add in 2 tbsp. or oil or butter instead of one, and have that whole avocado instead of a few slices. It's mindless, easy to do, and it tastes good! Plus, it will pile on weight pretty quickly, no matter how healthy those fats might be


Eat a Potato Everyday...

Potatoes have nutrients, but they pack on weight quickly. I know, because I've done it! Even healthy varieties like sweet potatoes are great to eat everyday if you want to gain weight. Eat one at night preferably, so your body won't have the opportunity to burn off those carbs.


Eat Ice Cream Twice a Week...

Even if you're vegan, all ice creams for the most part, vegan or not, are high in calories, sugar and excess calories. Eat two bowls a week, and don't portion it out. Enjoy it too while you're at it. You'll gain weight fairly quickly and your taste buds will enjoy it too!


Have Two Breakfast Meals...

Instead of just having one breakfast, have two! Eat once around 7 a.m. and another around 10 a.m. or so. Eat every three hours so you're taking in extra calories. This will help you gain weight no matter how healthy your food options are.


Eat out More...

Restaurant food is higher in calories- period. Even healthy entrees are prepared with higher calorie foods than most varieties you'd make at home. Many salads at restaurants have more calories than two cheeseburgers! So, eat out a few times a week if you can afford to. You'll pack on weight in no time.


Eat Peanut Butter...

No matter how healthy peanut butter can be, it causes weight gain for most people. Eat several tablespoons a day. Even better, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich everynight with that glass of milk you're drinking now too! A boyfriend of mine did this to gain weight for football once, and he packed on 10 pounds in one month with just this one change.


Try Smoothies...

Most people turn to smoothies to lose weight, but they can help you gain it if you throw in tons of caloric ingredients. Add in two bananas, some berries and some pineapple. Then, add in two scoops of protein powder, greens if you want, and two tablespoons of nut butter with full fat yogurt. You'll gain weight in no time, especially if you throw in a little coconut oil too. These are all healthy foods, but this meal totals around 600 calories, so you'll gain weight quickly if you drink this twice a day with your other meals.


Eat Movie Theater Snacks...

If you're one of those people who usually avoids this high calorie indulgence, don't! Eat a small tub of popcorn at every movie you go see. You'll take in at least 400 calories if you get the kind with butter, without even realizing it. Movie theater popcorn and nachos are both really high in calories, so eating them while you're watching a new flick is a simple way to tack on those pounds.


Milkshake and Fries...

We all know fast food can make you gain, but one of the quickest combos is a milkshake and fries. Eat this snack a few times a week, and don't order a small. Those pounds will come in no time!


Use Cream and Sugar...

If you drink coffee, feel free to use heavy cream and white sugar. This is such an unhealthy option, but it will lead to weight gain, so if I were trying to gain weight, I'd let go of my stevia and unsweetened almond milk, and go with sugar and cream. Try it, and it just might work for you!


Stop Exercising so Much

Lastly, if you can, stop exercising at all for a time. Do yoga stretches if you can't stand the thoughts of not doing anything. This trick has often helped girls who are underweight and lost their periods gain it back again. It is also a great way to put on pounds fast. If nothing else, walk around your neighborhood for twenty minutes every other day at a moderately slow pace. The less calories you burn off, the more weight you'll keep on your body.

Those are my top 31 ideas for gaining weight. If you're one of those people out there trying to maintain a healthy weight, and you've got your own great tips, please put them in the comments section below. Everyone would love to read what works for you!

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