12 Best School Snacks for Weight Loss ...


12 Best School Snacks for Weight Loss ...
12 Best School Snacks for Weight Loss ...

Everybody wants to look their best, and that goes for children too! Here are my favourite snacks, which will be loved by adults and kids, and won’t ruin your diet!

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White or Red Grapes...

I love grapes, and they are so good for you! Put a few in a small lunchbox in your handbag, and you won’t ever need to buy a snack again. Getting bored of them? Try freezing them!


Low Fat Yoghurt...

I love yoghurt, and the new types are often very filling too. Try topping it with blueberries or strawberries for an extra healthy kick.


Frozen Fruit...

Another interesting take on fruit, try freezing blocks of your favourite types and skewering them on kebab sticks. These are so healthy, very fun to eat and quite cheap too!


Veggies with Humus...

Instead of sandwiches, try carrots and cucumber with humus. These contain much less calories then bread and butter, but are just as filling, and you can get humus in lots of flavours too. Just make sure it’s a low cal version!



Try dicing a melon, and eating it with cottage cheese. This will easily store inside a lunch box, and will make a fragrant and tasty lunch, as well as being low cal and very tasty!


English Muffin...

If your children want a desert, try buying an English muffin, covering it in low calorie peanut butter and putting sliced banana on top. This is a tasty and filling desert, but won’t cause them to pile on the pounds.



For another healthy snack, try freezing a banana. This makes a tasty snack alone, but add natural yoghurt for an even creamier healthy treat.


Fruit Cups!

Try covering them in unsalted almonds, as this adds goodness. Keep some in your lunchbox or handbag for an anytime treat.



For summer, try freezing yoghurt and putting a stick in it. This makes a healthy and refreshing treat, which will easily last until lunchtime if you use some ice.


Low Fat Tortilla Chips...

Low fat tortilla chip with a bean dip can make a very filling replacement for sandwiches. A bag can last several days, but remember to mix up the dips or you’ll get bored fast!



For drinks, avoid soda and instead choose fat free milk which is very refreshing.


Fruit Juice...

All year round, try making your own fruit juice, or carefully check cartons to find one that is 100% juice and no additives. Use this as a super healthy drink, freeze it for healthy ice lollies or use it as a topping on yoghurt or porridge. Surprisingly tasty!

Most of these snacks are cheap and easy to make, so now you’ve got no excuse not to snack healthily...you’ll be grateful you did when it’s time to dress up for Christmas, or bikini body season again! Do you know of a low fat snack I’ve missed? Please share it with me!

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I love to freeze banana and topping them with low fat yougarts. Its heltier as a dessert or snack and really tasty!

As for me, the first thing i do before even brushing my teeth in the morning is to drink at least 4 glasses of water. that may sound too much but it works damn well. I learned this from christopher guerriero. Eating more of raw veggies - fresh foods which are alkaline helps you lose weight naturally. Do away with those processed foods! I always see to it that i bring an apple or pear in my bag before going to school!

Sheila, Yeah I felt like Gladiator :p Lollll

You're so right Rica! To tell the truth water when I wake up isn't such a good idea for me. A nice hot cup of Capucchino is what wakes me up in the morning! LOL!! But I drink alot of water. I never touch any soda as they're so much full of sugar!! Good Advice!

I love these fruit juice drinks they sell at my school. They're called "switch"s. They're 100% fruit juice but they look like sodas. They're really cool and REALLY good:)

Those are great snack ideas. A good alternative for milk is soy or rice milk. And I know summer is almost over but frozen treats are always good. Try freezing some grapes and eating them that way!!

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