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10 Fun Things to do with Your Friends to Lose Weight ...

By Kati

Are you trying to shift a few pounds without killing your social life? Everyone knows less calories means less energy, and less food means big mood swings!

Here’s 10 <a title="7 Fun Things to do in San Francisco …" href="">fun things you can do with friends to help you lose weight while also having fun!

1 Go Food Tasting

This might sound like an odd option for those on a diet, but eating different foods will help you feel less deprived, and a lot of choices are surprisingly low calorie! For example, there are only 83 calories in 3oz of lobster, and 60 calories in 12 large shrimp. Food tasting is always brilliant fun, too.

2 Plan a Pedometer Contest

Buy a pedometer, and see who can record the most steps. You’d be surprised how motivating having healthy competition can be, and anything that gets you walking instead of jumping in the lift is always a benefit!

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3 Clean Your Closet

Take out all of your ‘fat’ clothes, and give them to friends or charity. The idea of having to buy a whole new wardrobe if you gain weight should be enough to put you off that last biscuit, and clothes swapping is always a laugh.

4 Dance!

Turn up the stereo and dance around the room. Not only is this abrilliant way to learn new dance moves and hear your friends favourite songs, you’ll also burn calories too! If you’re too embarrassed to dance at home, plan a night out to hit the dance floor.

5 Watch a Funny Film

Laughing is another excellent way to burn calories, so grab some comedy DVDs and cheer yourself up while making yourself slim!

6 Go to the Park

Play tag, run around after your children, play football with your husband, throw sticks for your well as feeling much more healthy, you’ll burn loads of calories too!

7 Go Bowling

This will distract you from food, boredom and loneliness, which can all make you eat, will burn calories and tone you at the same time. And if you go off peak, it can be very cheap too!

8 Do Some Housework

Wash the car, do some gardening or shovel the snow while having a gossip. You won’t feel the workout while you are hearing what your next door neighbour has been up too, but you’ll be burning calories and toning too.

9 Join a Swimming Club

Meet once or twice a week outside the pool, and do a few laps. You are less likely to give up if you are doing it with a friend, and swimming is one of the best ways of toning up and looking great.

10 Do Some Kissing

Have a romantic night in with your partner. While he isn’t strictly speaking a friend, passionate kissing can burn hundreds of calories alone, and having your heart beat faster burns even more...

So now you’ve seen how easy it is, grab some friends and lose those final few pounds together. You’ll look great, have new hobbies and new friends, and be full of confidence!

Have you got a fun thing to do to lose weight with your friends? Let me know!

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