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With all of this talk about diet pills on the Internet, I just had to stop by this post and tell you about 7 best diet pills. If you take a look in my profile, you will find that I wrote some other blogs on diet pills which you could be interested in, but now, let's see which diet pills are more effective and safe to try:

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MeltRx 24 Ultra

MeltRx 24 Ultra This is one hundred percent caffeine-free. It is also ephedra-free. It is a great weight loss supplement that has a blend of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. It has been tested in the laboratory and proven to be a effective and safe metabolism booster, fat burner and appetite suppressant. It provides an afterburner effect that will continue to burn fat over a period of time. Many customers have reported a lot of satisfaction as they were using this pill. They also report an incensement in energy, improved concentration and reduced stress.


The Slenderizer

This is a lipotroic fat burner as well as a body cleanser. It removes the excessive or abnormal fat deposits that are in your liver while it transports and converts the stored fat into energy. It has been formulated with fourteen different synergistic ingredients that will enable strong liver function and proper lymph drainage. The four primary active ingredients are Inositol Hexaphosphate, DL- Methionine, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Picolinate. Currently, I have not found any adverse side effects from the users.


Tonalin CLA


This is a nutritional and effective nutritional supplement that will prevent those lipase enzymes from processing fat. It will also increase the amount of lean muscle mass that is in the body. This is going to enable you to burn even more calories. This is an all-natural supplement and it does not have any chemical additives, yeast, starch, salt, sugar or artificial dyes. It has also been found to help prevent breast cancer, asthma, heart disease and diabetes.



This pill will help take the struggle from weight loss as it is going to help you reduce the fat production that is caused by too many carbohydrates. This is a natural formula and it does not have artificial dyes, yeast or chemical additives in it. Since it will be denying your body of carbs, it will be forced to use it’s own fat for energy. There have not been any side effects reported. Studies have shown that fenugreek, which is an ingredient found in this supplement helps lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and soothes the irritated skin.


LipoRid AM

LipoRid AM This supplement will help you burn the fat you have always wanted to get rid of. It will also increase those good cholesterol levels and decrease those bad cholesterol levels. The bad cholesterol levels is the LDL and the good ones is the HDL. It contains seventeen nutrients that will get you that lean body over time. Some of the primary active ingredients include Pyridoxal-5 Phospate, Gugglersterone and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

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This is a natural supplement that is stimulant-free and will assist you with losing weight. This supplement will get rid of those hunger pains. It has the ability to enhance the natural Kreb Cycle in your body. The main ingredient in this supplement has been found to speed up healing, especially after you have went through surgery.


Fat Blaster

Fat Blaster This is a fat burner that I have found to be very reliable. It has liptropic ingredients and is a powerful appetite suppressant. It will increase your energy, eliminate those food cravings and burn that fat off. It takes those extra carbohydrates and transforms it into energy.

Some of the others I have found to work are Anoretix, Clinicallix and Accomplix. Have any of you tried these out? If not, which have you tried?

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Very great post. I want to try those loosing weight pills.

I was reading about a drug that may be out on the market Lorcaserin, it requires a prescription but may prove to be very helpful.

I've tried Fat Burners and I can't say they eliminate fat cause they don't. They will only boost your energy so you can sweat more @ the gym and they are not recommended in summer or while there are hot temperatures outside because they have the effect or rising your body temperature with one degree to accelerate your metabolism and help you burn fat. Another thing is that usually fat burners contain caffeine which is the ingredient that explains why you feel like Energizer Rabbit all the time and it's strictly forbidden to drink Cola, Coffee or eat chocolate(any drink or food that may contain caffeine). Fat burners can't be taken forever even if you go to gym on regular basis but after you stop talking them what will hapened? Your body is used with some boosting pill that makes your metabolism to go faster..and I think that after you stop taking those pills your metabolism will be slower than before and you need to exercise even more to burn the calories that you were burning before. I've read the book "Burn the fat and Feed the muscle" by Tom Venuto and I think it's pure reality. All your question will be answered in the simplest and easiest way possible. :)

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