8 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight during the School Year ...


8 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight during the School Year ...
8 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight during the School Year ...

Many times during a teens life they will believe they are overweight and fat. Or, maybe you truly would like to shed a couple pounds for a healthier you. Putting pounds on is easy and it happens fast. Taking them off, on the other hand, is harder! Keep reading for some great ideas to help you melt the weight away, without the unhealthy risk factors of starving yourself, like many teens do.

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Pack Your Lunch

Pack Your Lunch Photo Credit: edithannette

So, it may not be cool to carry your lunch to school but at least you will know what you eating. Dieting is not easy with all the temping high school fare – hamburger, French fries, pizza. Pack your lunch and avoid the food line. That’s one more temptation you can pass on.


Eat with Others Who Want to Lose Weight

Eat with Others Who Want to Lose Weight Photo Credit: Ago Press Network

If your friends are watching what they eat, it will be easier for you not to cheat! Since everyone at your table will be cutting back, you won’t feel as if they are all wondering why you are eating salad again today.


Find a Friend

Find a Friend Photo Credit: Douglas County History Research Center

Beg your friends to diet with you. Having close friends to participate with you encourages recipe sharing, light-hearted jokes, and cheers for success.


Form a Club

Form a Club Photo Credit: clickfarmer

That’s right! The more the merrier. Just think of the impact you could have on with a group of devoted members all sharing healthy recipes, keeping track of success and failures, and general companionship. Maybe you could start the “Breakfast for Champions” Club or something and everyone can start the day off in a healthy, low-fat way.


Ask Mom

Ask Mom Photo Credit: mona, eh

Your mom can offer loads of advice and encouragement. She can help with your lunch, and it will definitely help you out if she knows you are dieting. Why? She won’t tease you with fat saturated things like lasagna and buttered bread!

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Ask the School Nurse

Ask the School Nurse Photo Credit: kscopephoto

Every school has a nurse. She will be able to offer guidance and encouragement too. She should have diet suggestions and meal plans and recipes for your age group. Her food will be healthy and more than likely, they will be tasty. Ask her!


Use the Library

Use the Library Photo Credit: Here's Kate

Your library will have books on nutrition, dieting, and exercise. Ask the librarian for help. She may know of other resources beyond the bookshelves. Librarians are smart and love to help.


Do a Report

Do a Report Photo Credit: Konstantin Yolshin

That’s right! Ask your teacher if you can do a report on healthy eating habits, dieting tips, or general health issues. This will increase your knowledge of health and also motivate you to keep trying!

Get busy and loose those extra pounds. You will forever be grateful you pushed yourself and dropped those inches and pounds. Good self-esteem can start with your body image. Why be ashamed of the way you look when you can do something about it! Were any of these tips helpful to you?

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I detest the word "diet." You shouldn't be on a diet; you should be eating well-balanced meals and getting exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. 'Diet' implies short-term. Why is this article directed at girls so young? All of the pictures show girls who don't need to be thinking about dieting. Too much focus on this leads to eating disorders and low self-esteem.

it is hard to do it on my own though....

I love how you assume the school nurse is female.

not very realistic...

I dont understand why all these girls think their SO fat. Hearing stuff like Im overweight and weigh 115?! Are you kidding me?! Start saying your fat when you cant even fit into a size 16 pants. I am 5'7 and weight 230 pounds. Yes thats big and I find to say it embarrassing when I say it out loud. These tips are great for people that actually need to lose weight, and seeing girls on here that say that they need to lose weight for little things. Try saying losing weight when you've been teased to death because of it. Not fun :(

it's ok if you are n 2 it then it dosent matter what they think so if you care go with it I'm 15 years old and I weigh 105 pounds and I think I'm fat so I'm tryin 2 loose weight 2

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