8 Ways to Reward Yourself for Weight Loss ...

It’s now been a few months since the New Year, and you’ve succeeded in your weight-loss resolution. Congratulations, love! Every pound is a milestone, and even if you haven’t hit your target weight yet, you’ll get there… and in the meantime, you deserve a small reward. Here are 8 ways to reward yourself for weight loss.

1. A New LBD: Hourglass Sand Dress

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Price: $158.00 at anthropologie.com
You’re going to need a new, figure-flattering LBD in your wardrobe, one that flaunts your new curves, something like this one by Bailey 44. I love the soft ruffles at the v-neck, down the front, and along the hem. The rayon-spandex jersey blend fabric is sleek without being clingy, so even if you haven’t reached your weight loss goal, you’ll be able to wear this dress for months.

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