7 Ways to Fight Your Muffin Top...and Win!

Nobody enjoys having a muffin top...letโ€™s face it, itโ€™s the easiest place to put on weight, and it looks the worst. Whatโ€™s even more annoying is that they are so hard to get rid of! There are no quick fixes, and doctors say that those with a muffin top have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, too. What better reason to lose it?! Here are my top tips for fighting that muffin top...

1. Do Cardio

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Photo Credit: Werner Schnell (1.stream)

You canโ€™t burn stomach fat by endless crutches, unfortunately, which means youโ€™ll have to do some cardio to burn it off. Running is an obvious choice, but long distance fast walking works well too, and even fast dancing! Cycling and swimming are also excellent choices. Cardio will help you to burn fat and calories, and leave you looking much slimmer all over.

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