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7 Ways to Fight Your Muffin Top...and Win

By Kati

Nobody enjoys having a muffin top...let’s face it, it’s the easiest place to put on weight, and it looks the worst. What’s even more annoying is that they are so hard to get rid of! There are no quick fixes, and doctors say that those with a muffin top have an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, too. What better reason to lose it?! Here are my top tips for fighting that muffin top...

1 Do Cardio

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You can’t burn stomach fat by endless crutches, unfortunately, which means you’ll have to do some cardio to burn it off. Running is an obvious choice, but long distance fast walking works well too, and even fast dancing! Cycling and swimming are also excellent choices. Cardio will help you to burn fat and calories, and leave you looking much slimmer all over.

2 Increase Intensity, Reduce Time

Increase Intensity, Reduce TimePhoto Credit: Neal Burstyn Photography

The good news is that you don’t need hours to invest in exercise, as short yet intense bursts get the best results! More total calories are burnt when we’re working more intensively, and short bursts ensure that we continue to burn fat and don’t switch to sugar. A treadmill is perfect for frequent, fast workouts!


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3 Tone Your Stomach Muscles

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Find an exercise class in your area that focuses on toning the stomach muscles, and attend for a few sessions. The stomach really is a complicated area, and for best results, you need to know exactly which exercises to do for best results. Talk to the instructor about your targets, and they should be able to suggest the moves that will tone you up perfectly.

4 Schedule Your Workouts

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Guidance suggests adults should work out for half an hour, five times a week, but it’s very easy to do the same thing for all of this time. Schedule your exercise time, and make sure you include less obvious activities such as weights as well as cardio. Also give yourself time for stretches!

5 Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen Your CorePhoto Credit: Namguru

Learn some yoga or pilates moves, that will strengthen your core and help you to tighten and tone those stomach muscles. They do take some effort, but they are usually very easy to learn, and I find them really relaxing! Learn a few and do them regularly, and you’ll ward off future muffin tops too!

6 Check Your Diet

Check Your DietPhoto Credit: formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor)

Exercise will do wonders, but it works its best when combined with a good diet. That doesn’t mean you have to live on salad, but instead analyze what you eat, and cut out any unnecessary calories or extra fatty foods. You’d be surprised what you eat, so try keeping a food diary. It really helped me notice where I was going wrong!

7 Tone All the Time

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Everyday, practise holding your stomach in, and breathing deeply. You’ll find it easiest lying down, but once you are used to it you’ll be able to do it standing up, meaning you can do it at work, waiting in queues...Anywhere! It’s an easy way to stay focused and keep your stomach muscles tight.

If you keep up with this, you’ll muffin top will soon disappear, and you’ll feel slim, toned and sexy in no time! Maintaining your new routine will ensure your stomach stays sexy too, and will lower your risks of developing fat-related illnesses. Have you got a tip for getting rid of a muffin top? I’d love to hear it!

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