10 Activities to Make You Slim ...


10 Activities to Make You Slim ...
10 Activities to Make You Slim ...

Walking the Dogs

Walking the Dogs Photo Credit: danagraves
Do you have dogs? Then surely, they would love to go for a walk anytime you’re ready! Just put their leash on and you will be all ready to go. I like walking my dog down nature trails, but watch out for other wild animals.

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Jogging Photo Credit: Linda Gavin

If you are tired of walking, then speed it up and jog! Jogging each day down a trail will definitely help you lose weight. I think this is a great activity!



This is sort of a one person game. I actually like this game. It’s great to play by yourself when you do not have anyone to play with you. It involves hitting a handball up against a cement wall, letting it bounce back, then hitting it again. There are special handball courts for this, but I would say a regular brick wall (with no windows) would work.



Swimming Photo Credit: Rudi Pauwels

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do. Ever since I learned how to swim, I would not come out of that water! I was definitely a water baby and I still love it! My daughter also loves the water, but as of right now, she doesn’t know how to swim, she’s still learning.


Playing Tennis

I like playing tennis. I remember when I was a teenager, my dad would always play tennis with me. He’d always tell me he would beat me even if he were in a wheelchair. No matter how good I was, he always won the game. Now, he can do that with my little girl.


Playing Soccer

Playing Soccer Photo Credit: Buddhike

Soccer is also an activity that I enjoy doing. If you like to kick the ball around and try to get it in the goal, then you should start playing it! Even if you are by yourself, surely, you could kick the ball around the yard. It sure does beat sitting down!


Riding a Bike

Riding a Bike Photo Credit: Anant N S

Riding a bike is fun. Instead of driving your car, try riding your bike – if you ride next to the road, make sure you are visible and be cautious because you never know if the driver who is going towards you is texting (I had to say it).



Do you like to dance? Do you think you have some good moods? Then get up off your couch and move your body around! Hey, this is good even if you do not think you have good moods! No one is watching, but your body is exercising!


Playing the Wii

Playing the Wii Photo Credit: Hailey Von Purr

My mom and dad just got a Wii. It’s fun! I had one awhile back, but we decided to sell it, because at the time, there weren’t so many games on it for us, but now there is! So, we plan on getting one too. It also has some pretty cool exercising games. It is definitely interactive.



Gardening Photo Credit: UGArdener

Gardening is fun to do. I love planting plants and tending to them and by the looks of my parents yard, they do too. Of course, they have way more luck than I do with plants, but I’ll grow that green thumb sooner or later.

Do you see all of these fun activities? All of them will help you lose weight. In fact, getting up and moving around will help you. As long as you are moving around, doing something, then you will start losing weight and don’t forget to drink plenty of water. So, what kind of activities do you enjoy doing the most?

Top Photo Credit: teo_ladodicivideo

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Swimming and dancing always help me

i love dancing :) what about basketball ?

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