10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight ...


10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight ...
10 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight ...

I admit, I am not going to lie to you, there is no magic diet out there. They simply do not exist and there is no magic pill you can take that will shed pounds off of your body in only a week. However, because they are rich in fiber, there are some foods that take longer to digest and have less calories per gram. They may also alter the intestinal hormone levels and lead to you not feeling as hungry. Below, I am going to give you a list of 10 foods to eat to lose weight.

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Salads Photo Credit: KrisThePhotographer

When you make your salads, make them with tomatoes, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, capsicum or lettuce. To lighten it up even more, use lemon as your salad dressing. Sandwiches are also a good way to get these raw vegetables. Bread can help fill you up, but be sure not to use butter spread. Instead, use coriander and mint chutney.



Grapes Photo Credit: mark.os

What do you think about grapes? They sure are yummy! Munching your way through some grapes after a hard day is much better than chips! They are high in sugar, but as long as you do not overdo it, they can give you some soothing hand to mouth action and do you know something? They do not have any fat. They are good when they’re cold. One hundred grams of grapes only have seventy calories.



Oranges Photo Credit: Sesselja María

They are orange and they are yummy! The slower you eat, the easier it is to recognize that your body is full. What snack takes longer than peeling an orange?



Potatoes Photo Credit: alight

Are you surprised with this one? You see, the problem here is not the potatoes, but the way the potatoes are cooked. Potato chips or other forms of fried potatoes have too much fat. If they are boiled or baked and you eat them without the fatty condiments, then they are great for your diet.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Photo Credit: savorysweetlife

Sweet potatoes are great when they are boiled. They have a naturally rich taste. They also have a creamy texture. They have one hundred and twenty calories more than potatoes, but they are delicious when you do not add accompaniments to them. They are just as nutritious as regular potatoes.


High Fiber Cereals

High Fiber Cereals Photo Credit: uncommonmuse

Do you love those high fiber cereals? They fill you up without you having to consume too many calories. Pour skim milk on the flakes and you have a great cereal.


Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts Photo Credit: billcalladine

When beans are first sprouted, they have fiber and vitamins. When you eat them raw, they are great for losing weight. Mung, as an example, sprouts fairly fast and the sprouts taste good raw. A serving of fifty grams only has one hundred and forty calories.


Curds (aka Cottage Cheese)

Curds (aka Cottage Cheese) Photo Credit: heidill

Curds, if made from skimmed cow’s milk, only have fifty six calories. They are a good source of calcium, protein and vitamins. Plain curds with a little bit of fruit can make a yummy dessert.



Water Photo Credit: Batikart

Don’t forget about the water! Research shows that those hunger pangs may not be hunger pangs! It may be your body craving water. Water does not have any calories and it is great for filling you up.


Popcorn That Has Been Air Popped

Popcorn That Has Been Air Popped Photo Credit: jmacphoto.com

This is popcorn that has been made without salt, butter or oil. Pop yourself some popcorn in a container with the lid on either in the microwave oven or in the stove. Four cups of air popcorn only has one hundred calories in it and one gram of fat.

Every now and then, you are going to want to indulge in a chocolate bar. An occasional twenty gram chocolate bar would be a good choice if you have a craving for something sweet. A diet that contains the food from my list can be a great way to lose weight. What foods do you eat for weight loss?

Top Photo Credit: JenniPenni

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I like my yogurt with amonds

and if your not too keen on milk, you can use low fat yoghurt instead. It tastes great and adding a handful of berries or a sliced banana is a nice healthy extra.

i want to lose my stomach

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