10 Best Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight ...


10 Best Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight ...
10 Best Breakfast Foods to Lose Weight ...

If you’re dieting, then you know how hard it is to be hungry all day. Start the day right with the most important meal of the day — breakfast! But don’t blow your diet! Here’s my list of the ten best breakfast foods to help you lose weight

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Grapefruit is delicious and is loaded with vitamins that will keep you healthy and perk you up! It’s a great way to start the day, and half a grapefruit will keep you full for most of the morning, especially if you grab a handful of granola or a slice of toast to go with it!


Packed with vitamin C, fiber, and potassium, grapefruit not only boosts your immune system but also helps in weight regulation by promoting fullness and improving blood sugar control. Its tangy flavor is a refreshing zing to wake up your taste buds. Moreover, studies suggest that the compounds found in grapefruit can aid in burning fat, making it a perfect addition to a weight loss-friendly breakfast. Just remember to check with your doctor if you’re on medications, as grapefruit can interfere with their effectiveness.


Low-fat Yogurt

There are dozens and dozens of tasty varieties of low-fat yogurt offered by Dannon and Yoplait (my fave!). Keep a few in the freezer for a frozen breakfast treat, or mix in some crunchy granola for more filling breakfast. Low-fat yogurts make a great breakfast because they’re portable and oh-so-yummy!


Whole-grain Cereal

Whole grain cereals will make you feel fuller, longer, so if you start your day with a bowl, you’ll stay full until lunchtime. That means no diet-busting mid-morning donut snack! They key with whole grain cereals is to make sure it’s not loaded with sugar, and to stick to the suggested serving size. Measure if you have to!



Oatmeal will also help you feel full until lunchtime, but it has one advantage over cold whole-grain cereals, especially in these harsh Michigan winters — it’s hot. Top with berries and a touch of honey, and enjoy… again, though, be careful of serving sizes, and instant varieties that are loaded with sugars.



Who doesn’t love a fresh banana? They’re full of vitamins and potassium, and are very filling! They’re great on their own or sliced up on hot or cold whole grain cereal or even as a toast-topper! If you’re in a hurry, grab one and toss it into your backpack or handbag… they’re perfectly portable!


Meal Replacement Shake

This is an easy out. There are dozens of delicious, nutritious meal replacement shakes on the market. My favorite is SlimFast, but you can try all the different kinds until you find one you like in a flavor you love. Keep a case of these on hand for the mornings when you’re running late…



The perfect breakfast sweet treat! Berries are loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants, and they taste great, too! Eat them by the handful, or use them as a topping for hold or cold whole grain cereal or with low-fat yogurt. Yum!



I love granola! Try some with a little low-fat milk as a cold cereal, heat it in the microwave for hot cereal, or toss it with some raisins in a baggie and eat it like trail mix! You can even mix it with for a little crunch in your low-fat yogurt… what a great way to start the day!


Thin Whole Grain Toast

I love toast! Top it with a little butter substitute or some thinly-sliced bananas, or just dip it in your tea! Whole grain toast is a good choice because it’s loaded with fiber, which will make you feel full until lunch. It’s also good because it’s warm and hearty!


Low-fat Milk

We women need calcium and vitamin D, and milk has both! But whole milk is very fattening, so opt for low-fat milk at breakfast. Pour a little over your whole-grain cereal, oatmeal, or granola, or have an 8-ounce glass with your toast. Your bones will thank you!

Combine three of these into one tasty little breakfast, and you’ll feel fuller, longer, and you won’t be consuming empty calories, either! You’ll actually lose weight! Try some whole-grain cereal, a banana, and some low-fat milk… or go for the berries, toast, and yogurt… which of these combos would be your favorite? Or is there another weight-loss breakfast food you know of? Please let me know… thanks!

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These are all great, but you forgot the MOST important of them all--- eggs. They're a wonderful source or protein and eating just one will keep you full throughout the morning. :)

I need to include some of these above in my list! My only breakfast is a cup of capucchino or a hot chocolate! I know these aren't healty but either I'm in a rush in the morning our I don't want to open my mouth! :S *BaD gIrL*

how to prepare the best oatmeal? Am in need.. please help...!!!

Um, won't lie to you but the ONLY thing I agree with on this list might be BERRIES but everything else is no good and slightly "fad-diet" like!

Love oatmeal, too! I just wish we have a good variety of low-fat yogurt where I live.

I think that if you want to lose wait, you should avoid the flavored yogurts since they have a lot of sugar. It is better to eat plain yogurt and add fruit and a sprinkle of granola (or even better -- go lean crunch) to sweeten it. I like to use Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal instead of granola since it is high in fiber, whole grains, and protein.

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