5 Tips on Writing a Weight Loss Blog ...


5 Tips on Writing a Weight Loss Blog ...
5 Tips on Writing a Weight Loss Blog ...

Ever considered starting a weight loss or health-related blog? If you have but you don't know where to start, read these tips by Mish. She used to write at Eating Journey but she now has a brand new blog, Sugar Wand.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. You can follow my year of No Sugar here or follow me on Twitter. I just want to say Thank You for letting me guest post here. What an honour to be asked. Now..lets get to it!

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I have always thought that being honest about where you’re at is the MOST important thing with blogging. Of couse you can hide behind anything when it comes to blogging. Something that has struck me is that the more honest I am, the more vulnerable, the more I connect with my readers. It’s ok to say that you just kicked ass on a run. Or that you walked out of the gym. Or that you resisted the fifth shot of tequila. Or that you had five cookies. Life has it’s ups and downs. No one’s life is perfect and cheery all the time.



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Going on with honesty, I think it’s important to be open. Open about your struggles, successes, questions, ponderings. More though, it’s also being open to the comments/suggestions/praise/criticisms that may come from a blog post that you’ve written.

It’s ok that people don’t totally agree with you. The other is that you should share as much as you want. You shouldn’t feel like you have to share more than you want. The beauty of watching someone’s journey is watching them open up when they’re ready.



DON’T APOLOGIZE Image by **mandyxclear**
Something that irriates me to no end is people apologising for not blogging, or keeping a post short, or sharing their story or being negative.

You have a life. You have to remember that at the end of the day people are going to read you when you post. If that’s 1/week/day/hour/month..who cares. Post when you want to and don’t worry about what people think.



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There are a couple of ways to do this.


Try and Respond to Comments on Your Blog


Get into the Blogging Community and Make Friends with Bloggers by Leaving Comments on Their Posts and/or by E-mailing Them


Ask People to Guest Post on Your Blog


Have FUN

Have FUN Image by **kodomut**
There have been times when I would let blogging be my end all do all. It’s not healthy. Remember that a blog is about sharing your life..that blogging isn’t your life. So go out and have fun..share your fun, tips, fitness tips, healthy eating ideas. But the most important thing is that you keep it real and enjoy your life.

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Hey Mish, I really think the idea of "being open" is so good. And that's something that I know you do wonderfully well. When we are willing to be open about ourselves, it really gives others not only a level of trust in us, but also a belief in themselves to open up more. And when this all happens genuinely, which is fully what I have witnessed from you, barriers can be broken down. Great stuff, all of it!

Great, great post! I actually think that this applies to bloggers in any genre - whether weight loss or otherwise. And the "Nothing Makes A Blogger's Day Like Comments"? So. True. :)

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