13 Ways to Slow down Metabolism ...


13 Ways to Slow down Metabolism ...
13 Ways to Slow down Metabolism ...

We have all heard about speeding up the metabolism, but have you thought about slowing it down?

I know you might think why would anyone want to have a slower metabolisms? Well, people who are too thin would like to know some ways to slow it down. And if you are one of them and you need to slow your metabolism down, then I have posted 13 tips that hopefully will be very useful…

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Exercise Less Intensely ...

In order to get a slower metabolism, you may want to cut down on the activity significantly. By working out a bit less, you will be able to slow your metabolism down. But don't give up completely, you body needs to exercise!


Avoid Metabolic Activating Foods ...

A lot of studies have shown that adding spices to food can give a jump start to the metabolism. There are other claims that show that foods packed with high protein could have the same effect. You need to avoid those metabolic activating foods in order to get a slower metabolism.


Foods That Slow the Metabolism ...

Eating foods that stall the metabolism is a great idea. There are many foods that can do this. Those foods include fatty foods, junk foods and foods that are high in carbohydrates.


Increase the Caloric Intake ...

Eating more food overall or more of the wrong foods could help you get a slower metabolism. Foods that are high in calories is a metabolic nightmare.


Selecting foods that are rich in processed sugars and trans fats can exacerbate the slowdown effect, as they can increase body fat, decrease muscle mass, and promote insulin resistance. Overindulging in sugary beverages, pastries, fried food, and snack foods not only increases your caloric count but also disrupts the balance of your metabolic processes. By prioritizing these nutritionally empty options, you essentially provide your body with fuel it's ill-equipped to burn efficiently, leading to a sluggish metabolism that works against your health goals.


Eat before Bedtime ...

This is definitely one of those ways to slow down metabolism. Eating before bedtime is something that you should not do if you are looking to lose weight. Therefore, it would make perfect sense to eat before bedtime in order to speed up the metabolism.


Decrease Sleep a Bit ...

When you are looking to speed up the metabolism, one would get the right amount of sleep. For those looking to decrease the metabolism, then decreasing sleep would make perfect sense. Just cut half an hour a day and your metabolism will become a bit slower. But make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep - it's the minimum your body needs to function normally.


More Caffeine

Increase the take up of caffeine. Some believe that a little bit of caffeine will help speed up the metabolism, but consuming a lot of it will have the opposite effect on you. If you do not have any cardio-vascular health problems, you might give this a shot.


Wait until You Get Older ...

Before you know it, you will have a slow metabolism, so you should enjoy it while it lasts. Age plays a great role in slowing metabolism down. As one ages, the slower the metabolism gets.



There are certain vitamins out there that will slow the metabolism down. When I took the Flintstones vitamins with iron in them, I gained one pound.


Try Boost ...

Instead of empty calories, you may want to go for something such as Boost.


Less Protein ...

When you eat a lot of protein, it can speed up your metabolism. So, I recommend you try a low protein diet for a while.


No Cold Water ...

When you drink cold water it speeds up your metabolism, so you should avoid cold water when trying to slow your metabolism down.


Eat Fewer Eggs ...

Eggs give a faster metabolism as they are rich in protein, so it is important that you cut down on eating them. A couple of eggs here and there would be OK, as long as you don't eat them every single day.

Those are 13 ways to slow down your metabolisms that should work for you. Try any of those 13 tips and you will get a slower metabolism in a few weeks. But be sure not to overdo it with the junk food as you still need to maintain that healthy body.

What are some things you do in order to slow the metabolism down? Please, share ...

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Aaah...why do I get this doll picture I'm a guy! :(

why would we want to slow down our matabalism i mean it doesn't really make a difference if we have a high motablism right i mean come on some of us might like having a high motablism. i mean we should leave our bodies alone.

Some times having a high metabolism is a good thing, for people who have a good weight, you can eat all you want and gain like 2 lbs and by the next day those 2 lbs are gone.(That is how it is with me)but i am underweight my doctor tells me so that is when a slower metabolism becomes useful and you start searching on google how to slow down your metabolism. Sometimes i wish there was a nob that controls how fast your metabolism is.

Hi, I'm a guy aged 24. I'm an ectcomorph with high metabolism. I'm trying to gain weight through eating plenty and going to the gym but the high metabolism can sure be an issue here. Letting go off spices? Doable I guess... Letting go of protein? Umm, I want to gain strength and good health, not fat. I guess I can try and eat before sleeping and to sleep less. However, sleepdeprivation increases stress hormones and releases cortisol - a substance that clogs your arteries and decreases testosterone levels. Also I'm not really sure how this metabolism thing really works. Three bodytypes - all eat 2000 kcal everyday, all have the same activity level, yet they all end up storing different levels of fat. :S

There is such thing as having such a high metabolism that you're borderline anorexic. In fact, I have a fried who has diabetes and a heart murmur. He's in the hospital often and his doctors scold him for not weighing enough. He's 6'2" and only 178lbs, due to a high metabolism. It's hard to slow metabolism when you need to eat and exercise to get and stay strong. He wants to live as long as possible, and so do I. I decided to do some research, as the health of someone I care dearly about is very important to me. I'll use some of this advice for starting points into further research. ~Thank you.

I'm 51 and inherited a high metabolism from my father. I'm not lean, I'm skinny. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also - I don't think junkfood is a good idea unless you workout 3-4 times a week - so you can burn those calories and shape yourself with muscle. For women who want to stay slim - just cut down the calories - eat less grainbased carbs like, rice, bread, pasta and just go with veggies, meat and fruit.

Hey Hannah, I know you're concerned and I appreciate it but I think it all comes down to moderation. You don't have to deprive yourself of sleep. Just don't oversleep. Ditto for junk food.

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