7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism at Work ...


7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism at Work ...
7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism at Work ...

Have you ever wondered if you could use your time at work to better use? Well, unless it includes shopping or lounging in the Sun, I probably haven’t. You can, however, change your working routine a little and boost your metabolism at work. Burning more calories while working? That’s multitasking that I like!

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Stand up

Stand up Photo Credit: nikki.jane

Sitting down burns around 65 calories an hour, but standing up burns an extra 36 calories per minute! Try to do as much of your job standing as you can. Walk things over to your bosses desk, do filing, and visit the shredder. You’ll look more dedicated and organized, and be burning calories too!


Squeeze in the Weight Loss

While you are working, do squeezes. You can work your bum and stomach this way, and stretch your legs, and as well as becoming much more toned, you’ll burn more calories too. Which means you’ll give your metabolism a kick start! Do repetitions of eight, and spread your sets out across the day for maximum impact.


Schedule Snacking

Schedule Snacking Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds

Schedule your snack times into the day. While eating Dairy Milk sat at your desk might feel more productive, it’s actually not. You’ll eat more then you need because you are not concentrating, and you will mindlessly gain calories. Schedule five minutes in the morning and afternoon, and walk around a little. Go get a coffee, or leave your snack elsewhere, and enjoy your food. Concentrate on eating it so you stop when you are full, and the exercise will help you to begin to burn off the snack. Perfect!


On the Ball

If it’s possible, or if you work from home, swap your office chair for an exercise ball. You’ll have to use your legs and stomach to stay balanced, which will mean you tone up really easily, while you work! Remember that there isn’t any back support, though, so keep your chair nearby.


Relieve Your Stress

Relieve Your Stress Photo Credit: bex finch

When you start to feel stressed, your metabolism slows down and you build fat around your stomach. Counter this by giving yourself a few minutes to roll your neck. Surprisingly, this is an easy way to relieve stress, and if you get in the habit of doing it everyday your body will learn not to cling on to fat. Which is great news for skinnier stomachs!


Ice Water

Drinking ice water is a fantastic way to both keep yourself hydrated and to really give your metabolism a boost. Drinking icy water can help you to burn an extra 100 calories an hour while you sit working, so it’s certainly worth the time. I love this trick!


Utilize Your Left Side

Swedish researchers have proved that we are more likely to pick things up from our right hand side, no matter how easy they could be to reach on the left. So keep a bowl of grapes or fruit to your right, and you are more likely to graze on them then chocolate. This’ll keep your metabolism going, and stop you from reaching for the chocolate.

I love these tips! Losing weight at work is a fantastic idea, especially when it helps you to get a beach body too, and takes no extra time or effort. I’ve been trying these tips, and so far, I think they are really working! I feel a lot less stressed, too. Give them a try, and don’t forget to share your best metabolism-boosting tips with me too!

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