10 Tricks to Look Skinnier ...

Many of us have a common goal and that would be to look healthy and slim, especially during those summer months. After having two babies, I have personally gotten creative at how to go about looking slimmer, until I can reach that ultimate goal. For those of you who are like myself, carrying around some extra pounds, you can benefit this information. Below, I am going to share with you, my 10 tricks to look skinnier…

In the fashion world, you have lots of rules, such as not wearing a brown belt with shoes that are black or not wearing white to someone’s wedding. Even when you are trying your hardest to follow those rules, there is a whole new set of fashion laws that you should follow when you are trying to camouflage those extra pounds.

10. Wear Dark Colors

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Have you tried on the color white lately? How did you look? Argh, not good! Well, get rid of those light clothes and go for the dark clothes. You will be surprised at how much slimmer you look by wearing black!

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