10 Ways to Pose on the Red Carpet ...


10 Ways to Pose on the Red Carpet ...
10 Ways to Pose on the Red Carpet ...

Heading to Hollywood? Dreaming of a life of show appearances, movie premieres, and rubbing elbows with the biggest names in the music and movie industry? You gotta work on your skills, of course, but having red carpet presence can also work on your favor. Here are some ways to be a red carpet gem. Practice on your foyer carpet if you have to.

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Hand on Hip

Hand on Hip Ah, the quintessential beauty queen/red carpet pose. Don't dismiss this as being too typical, though, because this pose actually works. It gives your hand or hands something to hold and that is always better than being too conscious about your limbs "just hanging there," if you know what I mean. Word of caution: Do not attempt if you're a dude.


Props (a.k.a a Date)

Props (a.k.a a Date) Holding hands will work. A hand around each other's back will give you great photos, too. Of course, you can also do the "Jennifer Aniston date pose." That will be a semi-hug with a hand on the tummy area of the date.


Big Smile

Smile like you're having the most fabulous time! Show them your white, beautiful teeth. Smile like the photographers just told you the funniest joke in the entire universe. Do it in a lady-like manner, of course.


Small Mysterious Smile

Small Mysterious Smile Do a Mona Lisa by giving a tight-lipped smile. I find this rather tiring to do compared to a full-on smile but I probably just need practice. Now if this is the type of smile that you are most comfortable with (i.e. you think you look drop dead gorgeous smiling this way), then by all means, grace the red carpet with it!


Straight and Proud

Straight and Proud Slouching is a big NO-NO. If you combine slouching with a small smile, you will be labeled as a red carpet grouch. Tall, straight, and proud is the way to go. You should, of course, stand this way even if you are not on the red carpet. Your spine will thank you if you do.



Quirky Be funny and creative in your poses. Again, do it in a lady-like manner. If you are wearing a dress that can be a red carpet hazard (i.e. will fall with the littlest movement), being quirky might not be the best idea. But if you can get away with it, go for it! It can be cute.


Back View

Back View This is often paired with the "hand on hip" pose. If you're a guy, skip this part. Unless, of course, you happen to be wearing a suit with the most interesting back design.



Relaxed For guys, hands in pockets will surely show that you are relaxed. Going as far as showing your abs (because you are THAT relaxed) is not attractive, though.



Acknowledge your fans by waving. Make sure you don't have sweaty armpits, though. If you do, photographers will have a field day.


Blow Kisses

Blow Kisses Okay if you're a girl. Slightly not okay if you're a dude.

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Hahahahaha.........Props!? I'll practice it with different one each time.;)

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Omg! So fun, haha. I'm gonna practice these. :D

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